How Far Would You Go For The One You Love? This Will Make You Question Everything…

How Far Would You Go For The One You Love?
Yvette Le Grew

Lifestyle Writer

Jun 19, 2015

Ah, unconditional love, how we strive to find you and have your warm, blissful and accepting arms wrapped around our mortal souls. There are many different kinds of ‘love’ to experience in this lifetime – the just-friends, the co-dependent, the unrequited, the unhealthy, the narcissistic, the lose-yourself, the love-without-lust, the lust-without-love, the fixer, the being-fixed…the list goes on. The ultimate ‘love goal’? The unconditional.

In a world where life seems to forever place conditions, what-ifs, caveats, expectations, pre-requisites (and sometimes pre-nuptials) and any number of other limiting boundaries around our relationships, this touching masterpiece about unconditional love leaves me certain that true love is as much about sacrifice as it is about selflessness, vulnerability, self-love and devotion to another.

This heart-melting story reminds us just what it really means to love another human being – REALLY love another human being. No spoiler alerts here but, this story takes you intimately behind the scenes of a devoted wife and her loving husband as they face the biggest challenge of their lives, putting both their commitment as a couple and as individuals to the ultimate test. What he does for her will send shivers down your spine and if a tear doesn’t roll down your cheek – watch it again.

If you’ve seen Amour and The Intouchables and they blew your mind and exploded your heart – then this short film is for you.

It will open your heart, touch the furthest corners of your soul and remind you that while saying ‘I love you’ is wonderful and necessary, that giving of yourself, time after time, is proof that you really mean what you say. When your words and your actions align – it’s called integrity and there’s no love without integrity.

So drink this beautiful story in and ask yourself, just how far would you go for the one you love?

Watch this beautiful story below – It’s 8 minutes that might just change your life.

 Blind Devotion is a short film by the Jubilee Project  in partnership with Pastor Francis Chan 

How far would you go for the one you love? Share your thoughts and experiences below? Tell us what you think of Blind Devotion in the comments below…


By Yvette Le Grew

Lifestyle Writer

Yvette Le Grew is the former Online Editor of The Australian Women’s Weekly, former Head of Digital Content at Westfield & freelance fashion, travel, health & lifestyle writer for titles across the UK, Asia and Australia. Yvette now contributes 'at large' for thecarousel.com.


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