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Olga Tamara’s Most Important Do’s And Don’ts When It Comes To Pilates

Olga Tamara’s Most Important Do's & Dont's When It Comes To Pilates

Although Pilates has gained enormous popularity over the past 20 years, former ballet dancer turned Pilates teacher Olga Tamara says there is increasing confusion as to what Pilates actually is. Here she provides the do’s and don’ts of Pilates.

Between the 70’s and 90’s, there were few options available when it came to Pilates training, and therefore you could be pretty much guaranteed that a Pilates studio actually taught Pilates. Today, there are many studios and gyms that teach hybrid versions of the Method with some who claim to teach it, teaching everything else but! So my first important Do is:


1. DO your research!

Find a studio that employs instructors who are well qualified and have been comprehensively trained with reputable training organisations. Comprehensive training includes a minimum of 600hrs on all apparatus, so the instructor fully understands the Pilates method and how it works as a system. Buyer Beware! There are so many quick “online” teacher training courses these days offering certification for teaching just the “ mat work” or “ Reformer Classes” over a few weekends. So before choosing your preferred studio, ask yourself this… “would I want my hair cut by someone who was just trained as a colourist?

To ensure quality training, choose reputable studios and instructors who have been approved by the Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA). AUTHENTIC PILATES STUDIO in Lilyfield, NSW, offers superior tuition by highly skilled instructors using the highest quality Pilates equipment imported from New York. To book in for a private or group session click here.

2. DO be prepared to sweat!

Yes, if you are really doing Pilates, you will sweat. When you first begin your Pilates journey, you will undoubtedly take it slow and easy to understand not only Pilates itself but how your body functions. Once you get a handle on the Pilates method, you should progress nicely from isolation to integrated movement, making it a fun, healthy strong workout that continues to challenge the body.


3. DO make a commitment and put in 100%.

As Joseph Pilates said, “Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavour.”

4.  DON’T do exercises that really hurt your body.

Explain what you are experiencing to your instructor. Pilates Instructors have been trained to provide quality training in body movement and functionality, and while they are not trained to diagnose your condition, if they feel it’s necessary they will refer you to an allied health specialist.


5. DON’T be afraid to ask your instructor a question if you’re unsure HOW to do an exercise correctly.

That’s what they have been trained for. Pilates is an investment in your ongoing health and well-being, so make sure you get what you paid for by asking questions and getting the help you deserve.

6. DON’T fret!

If you’ve always wanted to do Pilates but thought you needed to be super fit to do it, think again. Just get started, and in time you WILL become super fit and healthy!

More About Pilates Expert Olga Tamara

Olga Tamara is a former actress and professional ballerina who is now the Director and owner of the Authentic Pilates Studio in Sydney, which is one of a handful of genuine “classical” pilates studios in the country.

Coming from a background of dance, Olga  is now exclusively dedicated to providing superior training in the original method of Pilates by Joseph Pilates and has delivered a number of Pilates workshops nationally and internationally to provide continuing education for Instructors from all schools of Pilates.

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