Dimple: First Ever Australian Made Contact Lenses

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May 15, 2019

Finally, a brand of contact lenses that not only feel good to wear, but they come in fun packaging. What’s more these lenses are made here in Australia.
In fact, the brand Dimple is the first Australian made contact lens company and online-only brand.

What we love about them is they feel more modern and by this we mean they come with bright feel good packaging and there is a very convenient subscription service that deliver the lenses right to your door every four, six or eight weeks – so you never run out!
The product is high quality and every customers personal prescription is featured on the blister packs and in stickers with their order.

A fabulous selling point is that Dimple have a charity alignment with Guide Dogs Australia so each month a portion of the subscriptions goes towards raising and training Dimple’s very own Guide Dogs!

What we love about Dimple Contact Lenses

Australian made
Convenient service (delivered to your door on a schedule that suits you!) 
Affordability – $270 for six month’s supply
Charity – supporting guide dogs

Start today with a free 10-day trial.dimplecontacts.com – Dimple™ | High Quality and Affordable Daily Disposable Contact Lenseswww.dimplecontacts.comDimplecontacts.com 
Dimple Contact Lenses are fun and affordable


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