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Base Body Babes And Their Hot Body Secrets

Base Body Babes And Their Hot Body Secrets1

Relax, personal trainer sisters Felicia Orb and Diana Johnson have already done the hard yards for you.

The Aussie siblings have personally tried and tested all manner of fitness fads and diets and they know what works, and what doesn’t.

Base Body Babes And Their Hot Body Secrets2

Their experimentation has now evolved into a unique workout which uses a combination of strength and circuit-style resistance training.

Developed in consultation with Australian strength coach Sebastian Oreb, Felicia’s husband, their STRENGTH SYSTEM for women has quickly struck a chord too.

Felicia and Diana have more than 600,000 Instagram followers and guarantee results, whether they’re working with you one-on-one, in groups, or online.

The Carousel caught up with the dynamic duo between workouts to glean a few secrets to their incredible success.

How often do you train?

We train 4-6 days per week. We train in the gym and we train with weights. Our training for ourselves and our Base Body Babes consists of a combination of strength and circuit style training with weights.

Base Body Babes And Their Hot Body Secrets3

What are the foods you avoid?

We both maintain a gluten free and refined sugar free diet. We try to consume only fresh (organic where possible) whole foods. We like to eat this way because it makes us feel good and our tummies happy.

What are your go-to good foods?

We both love to eat scrambled eggs with gluten free rice loaf with a side of cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, fresh basil and sauerkraut. We could eat this any time of the day, it is just delicious and so easy to make!

Do you have any favourite food recipes? 

We love making smoothie creations. Check out our Instagram for some delicious and healthy recipes.

Do you have a motto you like to live by or base your business on?

Be happy, healthy, fit, strong and confident and maintain it for life.

What’s your favourite workout? 

We love to do a combination of strength and weights based circuit style training. We believe to truly shape and transform your body, you need to lift weights. If you keep doing what the body can already do, the body doesn’t need to change. If you want to make a change to your body, you need to learn how to progress in the gym and therefore force your body to do what it can’t do.

Base Body Babes And Their Hot Body Secrets4

What would you recommend as a good type of exercise to take on if you want to loose weight?

We recommend getting in the gym and lifting weights, and if there’s one exercise we recommend for everyone to include in their training regime, it’s squatting and its variations.

What’s your favourite workout gear to wear? 

We both love training in crop tops and full length compression tights. They are a staple in our wardrobe and we wear them throughout most of our training sessions, especially during our strength training sessions. They are great for recovery and help reduce muscle soreness. Our fave brands are Nike, Adidas by Stella McCartney and Body Science. We do most of our shopping at Stylerunner, they have the best collection of activewear around.

Who’s your female fitness inspo? 

Diana: Felicia is my ultimate fitness inspo. She is a mother and a wife, her dedication and commitment to her family, work and living a healthy lifestyle is admirable.

Felicia: My sister is the strongest, most dedicated, loyal, caring and loving person I know. She squats more than most men in the gym and looks absolutely amazing. Such an amazing little athlete!

Written by The Carousel

The Carousel is a health and wellness site.

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