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Fitness Star Ashy Bines On Internet Trolls And World Domination!

Ashy Bines Exclusive: Anyone Can Have A Bikini Body

Her World Booty Tour kicked off with a bang – a Guinness World Record in Sydney for the most people to jump squat [2500] in one minute.

After Sydney, the social media superstar will host Booty Tour sessions in Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide before touring New Zealand, the UK, USA, Canada, and other destinations to be confirmed in 2017.

Ashy Bines World Tour Sydney!!!!!! INCREDIBLE DAY !!

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“I am so fortunate to have established a wonderful connection with so many women around the world who do my programs, and I do have a great team behind me that works hard to maintain that level of community with online forums and 24/7 support for everyone who signs up to the programs.” Ashy says.

“The Booty Tour is about building that next form of connection in a large group setting, where I hope to inspire as many women as possible to move their bodies.”

Fitness Star Ashy Bines On Internet Trolls And World Domination!2

Before Ashy hit the road, we caught up with her to glean some secrets to her success, how she handles the critics, and glean a few tips on how to get your hottest bikini body ever!

So what inspired the Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge which has been sweeping the nation?

To build a community of women who are all on the same journey, to live a happier healthier lifestyle whilst making new friends and having so much fun, creating a safe, happy space where there is no judgment, pure love, support and encouragement.

Ashy Bines Exclusive: Anyone Can Have A Bikini Body 1

What are your favourite moves?

Squats are one of my favourite workout moves to do, as they not only tone, shape and work your booty, but there are so many variations of squats and, when done correctly, work your whole body.

Ashy Bines Exclusive: Anyone Can Have A Bikini Body 2

How about for an incredible booty?

“Taking on my 28-day Booty Challenge is the key to having a booty like mine of course! I’m actually obsessed with the app! It’s always been my favourite body part to train and there is so much variety. Even after a year I’m never bored and I always feel the burn and pull up sore. Though there’s also just so much room for improvement – I love it!”

How should we diet?

“BALANCE – 80/20 – But this also can change for some of my girls depending on their goals and timelines. For me personally, I’m always in ‘maintaining mode’, and I love to live balanced and eat balanced, which means enjoying mainly fresh, whole and nutrient dense food. Though I do love a bar or chocolate or a scoop of ice cream.”

How do you start a fitness journey?

“Take small steps and set some small goals. The biggest piece of advice I give to all of my girls is to find support – whether it’s from your partner, friends or girls who are also doing one of my programs. Do it with someone and you can push and motivate one another, and it’s also ten times more fun!”

Ashy Bines Exclusive: Anyone Can Have A Bikini Body 2

You’ve copped your share of criticism in the media and online over recent years. How do you cope?

I won’t lie and say it’s easy, but I can stand tall now and say I’ve grown so much and learned so much over the past few years. Everyone makes mistakes and has hard times where they struggle and people let them down, and times where they aren’t sure what their next move is. The difference with me is I have an audience watching my every move, so instead of me just having a hard day or making a mistake, or going through a hard time or expressing something I feel, I have millions judging, criticising and slamming me no matter what I do. I can honestly post a photo of an organic green apple and someone will find some way to slam me about the apple. You can never please everyone and that’s not what I’m here to do – I’m here to help those who want my assistance.

What gets me through is understanding that when people say nasty things, it’s a true reflection of themselves and what they are feeling and going through. Sometimes people just have rough days and they don’t know how to handle their own emotions, so they take it out on someone else, and sitting behind a computer screen makes it every easier to do that these days. I come from a place of understanding and compassion and try to never react. I also surround myself with beautiful positive people who support me and love me day in and day out. Though to be honest, with the amount of support I have from my beautiful girls that do my programs, it’s pretty easy to not let nasty comments or media get to me. They send me so much love, I can’t help but FEEL the love. It’s truly amazing and I am SO lucky.

Ashy Bines Exclusive: Anyone Can Have A Bikini Body 4

What’s the key to being a successful entrepreneur on social media?

My best advice is to KEEP IT REAL! The world is screaming for more authenticity. Stop trying to fit in or be like everyone else you see, and stop airbrushing your images – just be YOU and embrace YOU.

Goals for the future?

To continue to do my bit in the world’s obesity and health epidemic – day by day, girl by girl. We can all make a difference and be the best role models for the younger generations. I am always striving to be the best mum I can be to my baby Taj, the best Wife to my husband Steve and the best friend to all of my friends, and of course the BEST example to all of my followers and girls doing my program.

Written by Victoria Webster

Victoria Webster is The Carousel's resident health expert. She has been surrounded by health and fitness her entire life. Her mother, a nutritionist, personal trainer and Pilates teacher instilled in Victoria a passion for all things wellbeing related.

Growing up a ballet dancer and singer having performed in the States, her passion for performance and movement transferred to yoga, running and the gym whilst remaining focused on her academics and career. She is an avid traveller and has lived all over the world enabling her to speak French, Italian and Spanish.

She began her journalism career by studying Media and Communications at The University of Sydney. She has written for The Medical Observer and Australian Doctor.


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