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An Australian Breakthrough In Arthritis Pain Relief

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Crippling arthritis in both knees had a despairing Marie Heares on anti-inflammatories for years as she fought to regain some quality of life.
Her condition got so bad she even underwent two knee reconstructions and a hip replacement, but to no avail. It was only when she started taking Arborvitae, the all-natural anti-inflammatory supplement that she finally found the pain-relief she’d sought for so long.
But the benefits didn’t end there – to her astonishment Marie also discovered she no longer needed dialysis for the kidney disease she had as a result of her anti-inflammatory dependence.
Marie says taking the supplement had miraculously restored her blood levels to acceptable levels. Long-time polymyalgia sufferer Desleigh White is another of Aborvitae’s many success stories. She’d been on 30mg of steroids a day for more than 30 years for the crippling arthritis in the upper muscles around her shoulders and neck, which had serious side-effects.
But since taking Arborvitae, a rejuvenated Desleigh has slashed the steroids back to just 2mg and her blood tests are now clear of polymyalgia. The Australian suppliers of this new wonder supplement say Arborvitae is a proven game-changer for many people suffering from a range of conditions, including painful arthritis.
Arborvitae works by targeting the immune system and reducing inflammation at a cellular level – the cause of many of the most common diseases affecting Australians today. The secret is Arborvitae’s powerful combination of all-natural anti-oxidants – French Maritime Pine Bark Extract (Pycnogenol), Aloe Vera, a Papaya enzyme and honey.
The unique bark extract is harvested from a pesticide-free pine forest in the south-west of France and is packed with a highly concentrated dose of the type of active bioflavonoids usually only found in high quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables.
These are proven to be potent natural scavengers of free radicals, cleaning up all kinds of aggressive radicals, before they cause any damage, say scientists.
Studies have shown the active ingredient in Arborvitae, Pycnogenol, to be 20 times more potent than Vitamin C and 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E as an antioxidant.
Popular Radio 2GB host Chris Smith is an unabashed devotee of Arborvitae. He’s been sharing a wide variety of the supplement’s success stories on his talkback show for months, including his own magical transformation. 
“I wouldn’t be tipping it on a personal basis if I didn’t think it was amazing,” says Chris.
“I’ve got macular degeneration [a degenerative retina disease] and I have been taking this concoction for about a year now. I went to see the doctor about my eyes about a month ago and he said my condition is now static.”
“This type of condition usually gets worse as you get older – and my cholesterol levels are back in check as well.”
For more information on the benefits of this life-changing supplement – available now at a fraction of the cost of most pharmaceutical medications – visit
To hear about Arborvitae’s success stories, and why people all over Australia are raving about the positive difference it’s making to their health, watch Chris Smith talking to Dr Jacqueline Kerr and Arborvitae’s marketing director Roger Gagliardi here.

You can also learn more about the amazing supplement and how it’s changing lives by watching the recent segment on A Current Affair.

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