5 Morning Rituals To Stay Focused at Work

5 Morning Rituals to Stay Focused at Work
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Oct 09, 2017

There are two kinds of people in this world; those who work best in the morning and those who are also at best at night. But most of us usually have day time job and sometimes have a hard time to stay focus in the daily grind.

Waking up in the morning determines how we feel and think for the rest of the day. Millions of thoughts and feelings are rushing through our minds in the morning. But it’s how you take and handle everything in. It takes one to become a great early riser and making each of our mornings about striving to get the most of our life.

So, in this post, we’ve come up with 5 optimising morning rituals that successful people made these as part of their habit.

1.Brain dumping: Set your intentions a day before

Set your intentions for the day

Our life is like a rat race towards goals, finishing deadlines, home life and etc. And at times, obviously, we never really think consciously about what is happening to us in the present moment. We think forward too advanced that are thoughts become too clouded and we struggle to appreciate what’s in the now.

To counter this, one of the secrets that successful people do is do brain dumping wherein you pour out your ideas and to-do tasks for the coming week or a day before. Setting your intentions beforehand is preparing you for the things you need to focus on and gives purpose to your day or week.

Taking just a few minutes of your time to create a to-do list before beginning the work week or each at the end of workday can save you time and energy. Better be prepared than never.

2.Meditate and keep your body moving

Healthy breakfast to stay focused at work

As soon as you wake up in the morning, give yourself some time to get your mind loading and your body to kickstart- just like an engine. When you start to meditate, your mind learns from how your body acts. Don’t get stationary all the time!

In order for you to get started, even just a few simple stretches and 50 steps walking to and fro will do the trick. To meditate, start by not thinking about anything at all but concentrate on your breathing and your body. Put your focus in it and you will eventually notice that your muscles are relaxing and not tensed and your mind is at peace.

In the long run, you can jumpstart your day to your favourite music, shaking your body to the rhythm and it will give you a momentum you need to have a colourful and productive day.

3.Eat healthy breakfast every day

Eat a healthy breakfast to focus at work

Feed yourself something that nourishes your mind and your body. How much or little you eat depends on your body needs. You might want to start with tea for meditation and light breakfast of eggs, avocados, and oats. Or a tumbler of smoothie packed with essential antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which is a great idea.

Whatever you want, ensure that what you prepare to eat for breakfast is not something that will make you feel sluggish in the middle of the day.

4.Create a Routine

Create a daily work routine

Get yourself in the right frame of mind before you start working. Some may start their day with meditation, a quick workout, a light breakfast or whatever it is. The bottom line here is there’s no one-size-fits-all and that your own routine is unique to you.

5.Do tasks first that works best for you

Do what works best for you

Most of us are creatively high in the morning, some might do the hard tasks first. Doing the hard tasks first in the morning might work for other people and might not work for some. But the key here is, just do the tasks which works best for you first in the morning.

Save the challenging tasks that requires a lot of time and energy and do the tasks which requires easy focus and are easy to execute. Categorize your work from the most urgent and important to the least. The important thing here is to figure out how you work best.

With these 5 simple tips, it can get you to think about how you work out your daily grind. You can start creating your morning routine that works best for you and helps you make most of your abilities.


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