12 Things To Do On Global Wellness Day!

Global Wellness Day
Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

Jun 10, 2023

Global Wellness Day (GWD) was established in 2012 as the ‘first’ day dedicated to living well. It was quickly accepted worldwide. With the slogan ‘One day, can change your whole life’, Global Wellness Day is based on the simple premise of increasing global consciousness of living a better life, even if it is just for one day, by drawing a focus on healthier lifestyle choices.

This year’s Global Wellness Day theme is ‘Protecting Mental Wellness’ for both children and adults during and after the pandemic. We’ve rounded up a few things you can do in the comfort of your home, to help protect and nurture your mental health on Global Wellness Day. Check out the free programme and make sure you sign up for wellness.

Belgin Aksoy, the Istanbul-based Founder of Global Wellness Day, said, “In a world where one in 10 people live with a mental health disorder, necessary steps to protect our minds and soul must be taken. Young people are more vulnerable than adults; according to a study, those aged 16 to 24 are the group most likely to report feeling lonely, especially those who are shy and introverted, and COVID-19 has only exacerbated the situation. Never has Global Wellness Day’s message of One Day Can Change Your Whole Life been more meaningful.”

1. Watch Or Read The Portal

This internationally lauded book and movie is co-written and produced by Australian meditation guru, Tom Cronin and is the perfect salve for modern life – and a must read/watch for Global Wellness Day.

It explores how meditation and mindfulness can unlock your power, grow your compassion for those around you and awaken your thirst for change. The Portal shares stories from six people who have healed their lives through meditation, as well was compelling insights from thought leaders across the globe. Weaving a vibrant tapestry of technology, love, the future, existentialism, human potential, brain hacking and inner peace, it will rekindle your excitement for a better future. Immerse yourself in it.

Tom Cronin, AKA The King Of Calm, Shares HIs Top Tips For Meditation.

2. Visit Chiva Som on Global Wellness Day

Of course, we’re talking digitally. The world renowned Thailand-based health and wellness retreat has teamed up with Qatar’s Zulal Wellness Resort to host a series of complimentary wellness talks and classes, which is Global Wellness Day. The day will feature online talks and various sessions of yoga and Pilate’s series that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own living room on Global Wellness Day. To sign up, contact Chiva-Som’s Health & Wellness Reception team  or phone +66 (0) 3253-6791.

3. Go Green For Global Wellness Day

Aim to take meat off your plate for one day and notice the difference in how you feel. You’ll experience less bloating and heaviness, a deeper sleep, better digestion, improved hydration plus myriad other benefits. What about milk and cheese? Giving them up is a breeze. Most supermarkets have a vast selection of plant-based cheeses on offer these days, and the selection of vegan milks available is almost mind boggling.

We’ve also recently come across a delicious range of plant-based milks called Inside Out. The range includes Unsweetened Almond, Barista Almond, Milkish Almond (which includes protein, calcium, vitamins D2 and B12), Unsweetened Oat and Mikish Oat (protein, calcium, vitamins D2, B12), each in an easy-to-use and eco-friendly carton. Ticks for sustainability, too.

Whether you decided to continue with a vegan lifestyle, or just opt for a fews days of plant-based living each week, you’ll be making a difference to your health, our planet and the critters we share it with.

garden, foodscaping
Try a plant-based diet for a day or two and notice the positive changes in your body.

4. Make It A Mental Health Global Wellness Day

Schedule the next three days just for you and be sure to practice some extreme self-care. Tell your boss you’re taking a holiday day and skip work on Tuesday 15th June. Don’t touch your keyboard or look at your screen until you are back at work on Wednesday 16th June. Spend all that glorious, screen-free time moving your body, reading a book, walking around your neighbourhood, connecting with your family, having a massage or facial … whatever relaxes you and makes you happy and grounded.

Sing along with Boyd Owen who prepared this special rendition of You Raise Me Up especially for Global Wellness Day. The special rendition of this song (music and lyrics by Brendan Graham and Rolf Løvland) is sung by Boyd and the Māori Choir – Te Whānau O Pukehuia.

5. Take A Walk On The Beach (And Bring Home Some Rubbish)

Any time of year is a great time to visit the beach, but winter is particularly special. Crowds are limited, so you’ll frequently feel as though you have that stretch of sand to yourself. The ocean air is so great for the soul and the very sound of the waves crashing is enough to de-stress even the most frazzled mind.

Take a walk at least once a week if you can (more, if possible) and be sure to pick up at least three pieces of plastic or rubbish while you’re there. You’ll be helping our oceans, as well as improving the feel-good-factor from doing something positive.

The ocean air is wonderful for the mind, soul and body. Pic courtesy of Chiva Som.

6. Book a massage

The best thing about booking a massage these days is you don’t even need to leave the house. With Apps including Relaxgo, Soothe, and Blys, you can have a fully qualified massage therapist kneading the knots from your stiff shoulders in no time. Simply tap in your requirements and wait for your bliss to arrive! Note: these apps can get booked up fairly fast, so be sure to book in advance where possible. Nobody wants to miss out on this form of self-care!

Picture Courtesy Of Chiva Som

7. Sleep

Sounds simple enough, but for many of us, sleep is an elusive beast that is always just out of our grasp. Take the time this weekend to read up on ways to get to sleep earlier (hint: turning off all devices at least an hour prior to going to bed works well), get better quality sleep and how to wake up fewer times throughout the night. You may even wish to engage a sleep coach, who can take you through professionally tried ad tested methods to induce a deep, peaceful sleep every night.

8. Have a few Alcohol-Free Days (AFD)

OK, we understand that this may seem un-Australian to suggest on a long weekend, but the benefits far outweigh the sacrifice! After just one AFD, you wake up with a more clarified mind, less anxiety and yes, you’ll be less bloated. After a few days, you’ll notice brighter eyes, more defined features and perhaps even the loss of a kilo or three.

9. Practise Self-Care and Healing With DIY Reiki

“You don’t need to be a highly qualified practitioner to reap the benefits of this ancient practice,” says Reiki Master and Yogini Trudy Vains. “Self care and healing with Reiki is easy, and incredible to balance yourself out. “Our energy, emotions and Chakras can become unbalanced in everyday life. This is normal and can be easily fixed with a simple but effective Reiki exercise. 

“Begin with self awareness – ‘I am so stressed’, ‘I’ve eaten four brownies already’, ‘I am almost behind deadline because I’ve been procrastinating’.

“Follow this up with your intention – to calm your nerves, to stop eating sugar for the day, to stop procrastinating.

“Now that you’ve acknowledged what you’re experiencing and what you’d like to change, place your hands over each Chakra consecutively. Inhale and exhale slowly, deeply and rhythmically, about five times on each chakra.

As you inhale, imagine you are inhaling the colour associated with that chakra and as you exhale, exhale all the murkiness and confusion that has been preventing you from moving ahead, being balanced or remaining calm. Begin with the Crown Chakra and work through each Chakra until you come to the base Chakra. Lay still in Savasana until you are ready to come out of it, then turn to lie one your left side and lift yourself out of the posture.

The Crown Chakra is White 

Your Third Eye Chakra is Purple

The Throat Chakra is Blue

Your Heart Chakra is is Pink

Your Solar Plexus Chakra is Yellow

The Sacral Chakra is Orange

The Base Chakra is Red

10. Aim to Make Breathing Harmonious With Your Movement

“Breathing and movement are harmonious,” says Trudy Vains. “Yoga and breath go hand in hand. It’s a beautiful state of being, especially when you practise regularly. When you match your movement with the length of your inhale, and then your exhale, not only are you going within to notice these things, you are also totally relaxed. 

“The next time you practise, try this, take notice, let everything flow and be in the moment of now.  The relationship between breath and movement is beautiful. Once you have this in harmony, things just seem to be calmer. Then, try to bring it into your daily life, practising deep breathing exercises when driving, or stopped at traffic lights, when standing in line at the grocery store, when picking the kids up from school. You can do this any time, anywhere and it will flood your body with nurturing, nourishing oxygen.”

11. Hang Out With Animals

Science has consistently found that people with pets are happier, healthier and experience longevity of life over and above those who don’t. If your situation doesn’t allow you to have a pet in your life, why not try to volunteer at your local dog shelter, cleaning cages, feeding animals or even walking the dogs or cuddling the cats. It will make all the difference to your personal wellbeing and positive state of mental health.

12. Grow Your Own Herbs And Veggies

Few things beat picking your own produce and whipping up a salad or meal in your kitchen and Global Wellness Day is the perfect day to get your green thumb to work! Aside from saving a motza at the grocery store, you know you are eating food that hasn’t been sprayed with unknown chemicals and is 100 percent natural from your own garden. There’s such a sense of satisfaction that comes with this too.

Unsure where to start? You may wish to consider buying a VegePod, which is a raised garden bed (great for those with bad backs) that makes creating an edible garden so much easier!


By Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

Shonagh Walker is a multi-award-winning lifestyle writer and author specialising in beauty, health, fashion, travel, pets and animals. Her career spans over 30 years, and she can't recall a day during that time, where she hasn't been excited to get to work!



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