Make-Up Artist Deanne Dority Lost 12kgs Stepping Up For Steptember

Sarah Harris and Deanne Dority at the CPA Headquarters

Sarah Harris

Aug 26, 2018

Here, she tells why she plans to take part in Steptember 2018 this year.
Meeting the team at the Cerebral Palsy Association in Sydney’s Alambie Heights last year was so incredibly moving, I felt such a strong connection to this  wonderful cause.It was so inspiring to hear about the incredible work they do and to meet the courageous people with Cerebral Palsy such as Ben, who was the youngest …
sarah harris and deanne dority
Immediately, I knew I wanted to start Steptember and do 10,000 steps a day to raise some much needed funds and start my fitness goal  to lose some unwanted kilos at the same time. With my 50th birthday looming in six months, it was perfect timing to prepare for it so I could live up to the phrase Feeling Fab At 50.

Well that day started … the 1st of September, 2017, and I started to hit the pavement , by doing my 10,000 steps a day – everyday. If  a few commitments hampered my  required steps, I would make those steps up the following day or that week.

Each week I would plan out my route, trying a new area to explore like north Sydney to  Luna Park and back , 7klms = 10,000 steps .Before long, I became addicted to the healthy sensation of doing my steps and starting losing weight – Woo Hoo! Because this was my first time doing Steptember I kept it within my family and raised close to $500.00 .. that might not seam like a lot of money BUT every cent every dollar counts to help.


deanne dority
Make-up artist Deanne Dority

This  year will be Bigger and Better and a few friends and family members are signing up too, and we will be doing a lot of walking together and  getting fitter together and challenging ourselves,

I do love a Walk and Talk. Now, after achieving my goal weight I have inspired people in my life to start Steptember- raise funds, get healthier and explore our city.
It’s a Win-win!

To register your company’s support, and for more details on this worthy cause, visit www.steptember.org.au.

Your Steptember kit, consisting of a pedometer, lanyard and booklet, will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Every dollar you, or our company raises, will provide vital equipment, therapy and services to children and adults living with cerebral palsy. Or, you can choose to raise funds for ground-breaking research into the prevention and maybe even one day a cure.


By Presenter

Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris is the presenter of Game Changers.com.au. She is also a mum of two, journalist and host of Network Ten’s show, Studio 10 and Shark Tank. It takes a special mix of sass and smarts to wrangle co-hosts (and media heavyweights) Kerrie Anne Kennerley and Joe Hildebrand in front of a live studio audience every day. Sarah has both in spades; not least because she spent more than a decade on the road as a reporter, covering some of the biggest stories around the world. Before moving to Network 10, she worked at Channel Nine as the network’s go to reporter: delivering extended live coverage from Victoria’s Black Saturday bushfires, the Christchurch earthquake and Queensland’s devastating floods in 2011.


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