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What Do Kim Kardashian And Magda Szubanski Have In Common?

kim Kardashian, Uber Eats

They are the odd couple and certainly the most unlikely pairing on TV which is exactly why the offering by Hollywood star Kim Kardashian and Aussie actress Magda Szubanski makes for hilarious viewing.

Magda’s laid back demeanour, spread out on the couch, playing around with her netball, as she brings back to life her character in Kath And Kim is in stark contrast to Kim seen filing her nails in a more elegant cross-legged position.

Two people whom you’d never expect seeing together…actually make for a good duo.

Check out the Uber Eats ad below:

Nicely done, Uber. Oh sorry…I meant NOICELY done, uber!

Written by Emeric Brard

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