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Vittoria’s Piccolo Machine Is Just The Ticket For An At-Home Coffee

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As I wake up each day, my first thought is to make a coffee and shake myself free from a groggy slumber. It’s a ritual I’ve long enjoyed and while it began with a cappuccino with a healthy spray of chocolate, it’s now a flat white and more recently a soy flat.

During the COVID-19 isolation period, I was never more grateful to have a coffee machine at home to satisfy my love for a well made coffee. Over the years, I’ve tried so many different ways to make coffee at home from the plunger, which seemed a revelation at the time, hard as that is to believe now, to the Italian-style stainless steel stove top moka pot which makes a rich coffee and a whole lot of mess, too.

Then, the coffee pod was invented and life instantly changed for those of us who get a rush for coffee every morning and a headache if we don’t meet our caffeine needs. Recently, the Vittoria’s Piccolo Machine became a welcome entry into our kitchen.

This smart unit makes the best coffee and I love the fact that it comes from a third-generation family-owned company.

The Café At Home kit is a budget friendly option for those who want to create café-quality espresso coffee at home especially when you also use the milk frothing machine. The machine has a 1 litre removable water tank and it’s incredibly compact and looks smart in the kitchen.

Vittoria's Piccolo Machine

Sleek and stylish, the design is very simple and you don’t need to read a manual to use it. Plus there’s plenty of different types of coffee you can buy from espresso pods to decaffeinated types.

Vittoria Piccolo Machine
The Vittoria’s Piccolo Machine became a welcome entry into our kitchen.

Available individually for $129 or for $199 for the Cafe At Home Starter Kit which includes the:

Piccolo Machine

3 x gold ceramic cups

10 x Vittoria espresso capsules (120 capsules in total that works out to be $1.65 per cup of coffee)

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Written by Robyn Foyster

With over 30 years experience as a journalist and TV producer, Robyn Foyster is the owner and publisher of the lifestyle websites, and

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