The Ultimate Healthy Green Juice

Green Juice

Green Juice: Kiwi, cucumber, and chervil

Good for the heart and liver

Makes about 1.5 litres (6 cups)

Infuse for 20 minutes to 5 hours in the fridge


  • 1 mini cucumber
  • 1 bunch chervil
  • 2 kiwi fruit
  • 1.5 litres (6 cups) water
  • some ice cubes


Wash the cucumber and chervil well. Peel the kiwi fruit, then use a mandolin to cut them into thin slices. Use the mandolin to slice the cucumber lengthways into thin slices. In a large carafe, place the ice cubes, chervil, kiwi and cucumber slices then add the water. Leave to infuse for between 20 minutes and 5 hours in the refrigerator.

Consume in the morning and afternoon

Infused, healthy drinks
Extracted from Infused by Angele Ferreux-Maeght, out February 3, 2021 from Smith Street Books, RRP $29.99.

Written by Emeric Brard


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