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What Is Food To Nourish And How Can You Join Their Success?

Healthy porridge bowl

Food To Nourish is an Australian-based company that produces healthy organic food products which are as tasty as they are nutrient-dense.

The product range varies from breakfast cereals, healthy snacks, nut butters and many more, making a total of 37 product lines, which can today be found in over 800 retail outlets across Australia, and in five retail outlets in Singapore.

pancakes, Food To Nourish
Food To Nourish’s lemon and berry pancakes

With the rapid growth currently being experienced globally in the health food and organic market, Food To Nourish is set to grow even larger, and not only through their own products but via contract manufacturing for other businesses also looking to grow in this market, and you – yes, you too can be a part of their success.

pudding, Food To Nourish
Steamed lemon and berry pudding

“Like all good stories, ours began in our Kitchen!” says Danielle Minnebo, CEO of Food To Nourish. In 2013, Danielle Minnebo launched Food To Nourish’s first range of organic healthy treats right from her own kitchen. From there they expanded their operations into a commercial kitchen in Cromer, Sydney, the following year, which eventually grew to both warehousing and kitchen spaces in 2016. Now, they’ve set up shop in a custom-built commercial kitchen, office and warehouse in West Gosford, NSW, Australia.

How can you join their success?

With Food To Nourish keen on expanding internationally to the likes of the US, New Zealand and Asian markets, as they’ve done with Singapore, the two founders feel that it’s time to move onto the next challenge.

Previously, having received a loan of $330,000 from the government as part of the Jobs for NSW initiative in 2018, they were able to significantly grow their economies of scale. But rather than opting for the bigger, potentially more sophisticated investors, Food To Nourish wants to give the public the opportunity to tag along on their journey.

For just $250 you can buy shares in Food To Nourish and be part of their success as they grow and expand in this already globally flourishing market.

Natasja Jirwander, Danielle Minnebo, Food To Nourish
Food To Nourish Founders, Natasja Jirwander (Left) and Danielle Minnebo (Right)

With already 74,000 invested, you only have 18 more days to buy shares! You can do so here. You can also visit for more information on their delicious products.

So, what do you say? Will you help Food To Nourish add a page to their story?

Written by Emeric Brard


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