Wine Of The Week – Tractorless Vineyards Creator’s Zero Doseage Sparkling Wine

Tractorless Vineyards ZD Sparkles
Tractorless Vineyards ZD Sparkles Is The Perfect Glass of Bubbles For Valentine's Day

Tractorless Vineyards is a boutique winery in the NSW Southern Highlands. It is renowned for its ethos of sustainability and the ever-so-soft footprint winemaker Jeff Aston insists upon when growing and making his fine drops.

Tractorless Vineyards – What’s In A Name?

Tractorless Vineyards gained its name because the family run winery uses no machinery at all in the growing of the grapes. The vines are grown naturally, with sheep used to keep the weeds and roughage at bay. When they are ripe, the grapes are hand picked with care, preserving both the integrity of the fruit and its flavour. This method also ensures that as few other living creatures are disturbed or killed in the making of the wine as possible. Using these production methods means that the wine is as close to a vegan wine as you can possibly get.

Tractorless Vineyards
Sheep Grazing To Keep Weeds Down At Tractorless Vineyards

While Tractorless Vineyards offers a vast selection of vines, we are currently crushing on its ZD Sparkles. It’s a natural unaltered version of a method traditional sparkling wine.

Winemaker Jeff Aston tells us that “after tirage, aging, riddling and disgorging the wine, it does not have any Liqueur d’Expedition added. It’s completely sulphur free. Our ZD Sparkles is dry fresh and savoury with citrus, brioche and biscuits characters. Personally, I love the ZD with fresh South Coast Oysters … yum!”

We also love it with a delicious dessert, like Curtis Stone’s Sweet Cherry Pie. Don’t you think they make the perfect duo Valentine’s Day?

Tractorless Vineyards ZD Sparkles is just $45 and available to order here.

Are you a serious wine lover?

Join the Tractorless Wine Club. There are a few entry levels – Platinum, Gold, Ambassador and Exclusive. Each level sees a different amount and variety of wine, delivered to your door throughout the year.

Tractorless Vineyards
Tractorless Vineyards Cellar Door.

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