Triple Juniper Raspberry And Mint Gin Smash

Triple Juniper Raspberry And Mint Gin Smash
Triple Juniper Raspberry And Mint Gin Smash Is The Perfect End Of Summer Cocktail!

Mint Gin Smash … even the name makes us feel giddy with delight. Add in triple juniper and raspberry and it’s a cocktail for the Gods! Or us lowly folk on a Friday!

Firstly, who doesn’t love a Gin Smash? The smash is historically a drink that uses mint, sugar and the spirit of your choice – shaken and then poured over ice. Throw in whatever fruit you have in your fridge and it’s the perfect low effort cocktail for lazy Summer afternoons, like Friday – hahah.

We’ve used raspberries in ours, simply because they are just as delicious as they look in the glass. When choosing a sparkling wine option, it’s always best to go dry – Non-Vintage Champagne, Cava and most Brut style sparkling wines are perfect. 

Mint Gin Smash – What You Need

60 mL Never Never Triple Juniper Gin

30 mL Fresh Lemon Juice

15 mL Simple Syrup 1⁄2 oz

7 raspberry’s

6 mint leaf

Soda (or sparkling wine)

Add all ingredients into the shaker. Shake and pour into a highball glass. Top with crushed ice. Stir through soda or sparkling wine

Never Never Tips & Trick: Garnishes.

Fresh seasonal garnishes are always the best – the beauty of the Gin Smash is that it works with any fresh fruit you may have laying around. Have a look at your local greengrocer to see what’s fresh and in season, that way you create a smash that changes as the leaves do. You can also find great visual guides online that will tell you when different fruits are in season – do yourself a flavour favour and find one for your country or even your local area!

Just like any good cocktail, it’s all about balance and that includes your garnish pairings. We love to roll with a herb and fruit combination. The herbal element like mint has beautiful aromatics and the fruit acidity element tends to cut through the sweetness of the sugar syrup – it’s a perfect combination!

Written by Shonagh Walker

Shonagh Walker is an award-winning lifestyle writer and author specialising in beauty, health, travel and pets.


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