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Niji’s Chilli, Kaffir And Mezcal ‘Wet Sting’ Cocktail

The Wet Sting is a delicately balanced cocktail, bringing together chilli, kaffir leaves and ginger with honey. A perfect starter to your feast!


45ml Ilegal Mezcal
15ml Choya Umeshu
10ml Maraschino liquor
15ml Sugar Syrup
15ml Homemade ginger, kaffir leafs, honey syrup
15ml yuzu juice
Garnish: dry chilli strings & amarena cherry, Spoon with plum & aromatic honey on top


1 Combine ingredients in cocktail shaker
2 Pour into glass
3 Garnish with dry chilli strings & amarena cherry
4 Spoon plum & aromatic honey on top

The Carousel thanks Niji Restaurant for this recipe.

Written by TheCarousel

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