Jazz Up Your Christmas Cocktails With These Easy Tricks!

As we gear up for the festive season, there’s nothing more rewarding than a sparkling cocktail under the sun.

If you’re hosting your own little do, take away some of our tips & inspiration to give your cocktails that extra va va voom!

An easy way to jazz up your drinks is to firstly ditch the old cocktail glass and replace them with mason jars! We bought ours from Kmart for only $2.00. A sweet trick is to get some black board stickers, get everyone to write their name down with some chalk and stick them on the jars. Lots of D.I.Y fun, less washing and less confusion!

Of course we can’t pass up those colourful candy striped straws. There are so many colours and patterns to choose from and they really make your cocktail that extra bit special.

Chop up some beautifully coloured fruit to add to the drink- apple, whole raspberries or blueberries are our go-to. Another great way to use fruit is to pop some strawberries and water in an ice cube tray and freeze! Very impressive touch.

Fresh mint of course is the perfect garnish, especially paired with the Vodka O Pineapple Cucumber and Mint. Slide some fruit onto the side of your glass- slices of pineapple, lime, some raspberries or strawberries, anything that tickles your fancy really.

Last of all, to complete your splendid afternoon, compliment your table with brightly coloured flowers, a table cloth and platters of food.


Written by Millie Constable

Millie Constable is an avid traveller, photographer, foodie and writer. After travelling the world, Millie moved to Florence, Italy, where she completed a Diploma of Photography and Multimedia. Whilst experimenting with food photography during her studies, she decided that was how she wanted to spend her life, eating and documenting her way around the way world!

On returning to Australia, Millie started working for The Carousel and continues to write and dream about food.

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