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Drink like A True Royal Prince With Fiji Kava

Drink like a True Royal Prince with Fiji Kava!

The kava revolution is sweeping the globe, with kava bars opening across the US from Texas to Brooklyn and soon Aussies will be able to buy shares in the first kava company to list on a global stock exchange. Now the Royals are getting into kava too!  

Does kava make you high?

No, kava is non-addictive medicinal South Pacific plant species belonging to the pepper family. It is a natural relaxant which has been used for centuries by Pacific Islanders to treat anxiety, insomnia, stress and muscle tension.

The relaxing effects come from the kavalactones in the root of the plant which cause a slight numbing in your lips and tongue initially (nothing to worry about!).

Is kava the new schooner?

Kava is an excellent alternative to having an alcoholic drink at the end of the day, without the negative side effects of having ‘one to many’. It makes you feel relaxed and is great to share with friends.

prince harry & meaghan markle - kava

I’ve heard it damages your liver…?

There have been cases reported where prolonged consumption has led to liver damage. However, the kava that is shipped internationally is one of the “ 13 noble kava” varieties, which are purer with higher kavalactone levels and have shown no issues with liver damage.

Why else would I drink kava?

Many people are relying on prescription drugs to help with their anxiety, sleep deprivation, stress, and muscle tension.

Kava offers a plant-based alternative to opioids and other addictive drugs that people are relying on to manage these problems. It’s time to try a more natural method that you may find to be as effective and with less serious side effects.

So why not follow Prince Harry’s example and try some kava?

The Carousel would like to thank Zane Yoshida, CEO of Fiji Kava, for this article.

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