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7 Essential Ingredients For An Awesome Aussie BBQ

Essential Ingredients For Aussie BBQ

Be the hostess with the most-ess and sizzle those sausages with these easy tips to host an awesome Aussie BBQ…

1. Set The Scene

Make the most out of your outdoor space with a little logistical preparation. Reserve the prettiest part of the backyard for the main social event – aka relaxing, chatting and eating – with a safe zone reserved for the children for play and easy monitoring. Try to keep your buffets, desserts and drinks close enough to the main table so guests can easily enjoy tasty morsels. And make sure the BBQ isn’t so close that it will smoke out your guests or could pose a fire hazard (think hanging tree branches)!

2. Throw Some Shade

The biggest BBQ sizzler is a scorching sun – especially for the elderly and mini guests. Utilise any natural shade first, whether balcony roofing, trees or pergolas. When the sun shifts, have a plan B: a portable canopy, tarpaulin, gazebo or picnic umbrella are great picks. And for youngsters who require a nap, pop-up tents and netted sunshade tents are great.

3. Take A Seat

Kids may love musical chairs, but they’re not so much fun at a BBQ! Make sure you have plenty of seating for every age group. Small stools that can be moved around and easily packed away when not in use, foldable deckchairs, and picnic rugs are great when there’s not enough outdoor table setting seats for everyone.

4. Cater For All Tastes

Who’s on your guest list? Children? Vegetarians? Meat lovers? A failsafe outdoor entertaining menu includes a selection of simple, non-fussy options and a few fancy signature dishes to impress the guests! Try a plain dressing-free salad and a couple of fancy salads (quinoa, cous cous, beans, beetroot, pumpkin, kale etc). Have nibbliees on hand throughout the day so people don’t get hungry – carrot and celery sticks with dips, antipasto platters, breads, cheese platters, fruit selections are all crowd pleasers. For the main course, a selection of traditional and modern BBQ grills are always a hit – seafood, red meat, poultry – in a variety of marinades, flavours and plains. Don’t forget the sausages!

And remember vegie’s can be just as big a hit on the BBQ. Sweet potato chips, corn on the cob, vegetable skewers with mushroom, capsicum, onion, Halloumi, eggplant and zucchini – deliscious!

And thirst quenchers? One of the most overlooked shopping list essentials is water! Stock your Esky with a selection of child friendly non- alcoholic options and beverages for adults – with plenty of back-up drinks.

5. Stock Up On The Essentials

Make sure you’ve got your essentials listed and ready to go: utensils, paper towel, spare gas bottle or heat beads, a non-flammable cooking spray, plates, drink-ware, cutlery, meat trays, salad tongs.

6. Make A Bug Free Zone

Give bugs the flick! For indoors, try insect repellents to protect your family from pesky mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, flies and moths. For outdoors, try Mortein Naturgard Auto Protect Outdoor Insect Control system, which uses a plant-based active ingredient in conjunction with synthetic ingredients to create a 5m3 sheltered area of protection from flies and mosquitoes. And while we’re on those little details, keep plenty of SPF – preferably factor 50 – on hand so guests can slip, slop, slap.

7. Create Vibe

Create your best summer playlist and rock your atmosphere! Portable Bluetooth speakers are great so charge it up prior and make sure it has plenty of battery power. For those that like a bit more action, liven up your BBQ with fun games – volleyball, cricket, footy, water-gun fights pop up play tents, paddling pools, backyard bocce, magnetic darts, water balloon fights – go wild!

Written by Franki Hobson

Franki Hobson has worn many hats during her many years as a women's lifestyle journalist and editor. Her launching pad was COSMOPOLITAN magazine, where she moved from News & Entertainment Editor to Features Director, covering everything from the legalisation of the Morning After Pill to Gwen Stefani, fashion, beauty, sex, health, fitness, entertainment and relationships.

In 2003 Franki immersed herself in all things teen as Deputy Editor, then Editor-in-Chief of teen Bible DOLLY magazine. Following this, Franki was made Editor of COSMOPOLITAN Hair & Beauty, COSMOPOLITAN Pregnancy and COSMOPOLITAN Bride magazine, where she held the helm (and tiara) for more than 10 years. Franki was also the launch editor of COSMOPOLITAN Health magazine, and is an accomplished Homes Editor and Travel Editor, covering honeymoon destinations, family travel, luxe abodes and health retreats. Franki Hobson is a contributing lifestyle writer for The Carousel.


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