Gorgeous Homemade Nut Milk: Learn How To Make It!

Gorgeous Homemade Nut Milk: Learn How To Make It!

Pete Evans

Celebrity Paleo Chef


Yield Makes 1L
Preparation time 8 minutes (plus 8 – 12 hours soaking)

1 cup activated almonds or other nuts such as macadamia nuts or walnuts, soaked in filtered water overnight or at least 8 hours
1 litre filtered water

1 Drain the soaking nuts and rinse well. Place the nuts in a blender with the water and blend for a few minutes, or until smooth.
2 Line a bowl with a piece of muslin/cheese cloth so that the muslin hangs over the edges of the bowl (alternatively you can use a nut milk bag). Pour the blended nut and water mixture into the bowl. Pick up the edges of the muslin and squeeze out all the milk.
3 Pour the nut milk into a 1L jar or bottle, then place it in the fridge to chill. Shake the bottle/jar before use as the milk will settle and separate after time. The nut milk will keep for 3–4 days refrigerated.