Decadent ‘Billy Bonka’ Chocolate Shake Recipe

Decadent ‘Billy Bonka’ Chocolate Shake Recipe



Chocolate Shake
3 Oreo cookies
2 mini Snickers bar
1 tbsp peanut butter
2 pumps chocolate syrup
3 scoops vanilla ice cream
200ml (6fl oz) milk

2 mini waffles
1 chocolate rimmed glass
1 long straw
7 large twisted pretzels
2 large Oreo cookies
4 mini Oreo cookies
Whipped cream
handful Reeces pieces

1 Place all of the shake ingredients in a blender and mix until well combined.
2 Before pouring the mixture into the glass, create a chocolate rim around the top of the glass.
3 Pour in the blended mixture until it reaches the bottom of the rim of the glass and fill the remainder of the glass with whipped cream.
4 Poke holes through two mini waffles and layer one on top of the glass.
5 Cover the waffle with whipped cream, and two opened large Oreo biscuits.
6 Top the Oreos with 4 pretzels and a sprinkling of Reeces Pieces.
7 Layer on the second mini waffle and top with whipped cream.
8 Top the cream with opened mini Oreo cookies and the remaining pretzels.
9 Sprinkle with Reeces Pieces.
10 Serve immediately and enjoy.

Decadent 'Billy Bonka' Chocolate Shake Recipe 1Recipe and images from Decadent Shakes by Matthew, Sarah & Brendan Aouad, published by New Holland Publishers