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Criniti’s Tasty Agnello Salad Recipe

Criniti's Agnello Salad


100g Lamb backstrap
40g Avocado
60g Fetta cheese
20g Rocket lettuce
40g Semi-dried tomato
15ml Sherry Vinaigrette
2g Salt
2g White ground Pepper

Sherry Vinaigrette
1/3 cup Sherry
2/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 finely diced red shallot
salt and peper to taste
1 x tarragon leaf to infuse the dressing with over night.

1 Grill lamb backstrap to medium and set aside,
2 Place rocket, sliced avocado, semi dried tomato, salt and pepper into a mixing bowl.
3 Mix salad with sherry vinaigrette
4 Finish with sliced backstrap and fetta cheese
5 Drizzle a little extra vinaigrette over the lamb and feta

The Carousel thanks Criniti’s for this recipe.

Written by TheCarousel

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