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Championing Local Grocer Campbelltown Country Fresh

Championing Local Grocer Campbelltown Country Fresh

This fantastic fruit and veg shop at the Marketfair shopping plaza in Campbelltown, Sydney, stocks a huge array of both fresh produce and specialty pantry items. After following these guys on instagram for a while, the finally got to check them out. Here is their story.

Campbelltown Country Fresh stocks the standard array of fruit and vegetables that you would be used seeing and then some. Interesting varieties such as vegetable spaghetti, white-purple-inside sweet potato and bittermelon can be found in every aisle. In one of the aisles you will also find an Asian cooking produce display. The portioned peeled garlic, curry leaves and turmeric are the perfect sizes for those whipping up a couple of curries for the family over a few weeks.

avocado grocer

The freezer section stocks readymade pastizzis, pies, lasagnas, pastas, spring rolls, samosas and frozen vegetables including okra and bitter gourd. The fridge has everything you could ever need for an antipasto platter as well as some delicious looking juices. In the pantry area you will find continental breads, jarred goods, lots of pastas and American candy, drinks and cereals. All the unusual, unique and high quality ingredients had us enthralled as we wandered down the aisles, picking up our groceries for the week.

olives grocer

Once you’ve finished your grocery shopping, rest your feet and have a cuppa at the connected café, Country Fresh Espresso Bar.

We used some of the bright ingredients that we bought at Campbelltown Country Fresh to make our following delightful juice:

How To Make Fresh Spring Orange Juice

Makes about 1 litre

  • 5 oranges
  • 2 lemons
  • 4 carrots (unpeeled)
  • 6cm piece of ginger (unpeeled)
  • 6cm piece of turmeric (unpeeled)
  • Juice all ingredients in a juicer.


grocer orange juice

Location of Grocer : Shop 6-10 Marketfair, 4 Tindall St Campbelltown, Sydney, Australia.

Phone: 4628 0951

Open: Daily from 8am to 6pm or until 7pm on Thursday

The Carousel would like to thank the Western Sydney Food Blog for this article. You can check out more from Sharon Williams and Alice Longhurst’s fabulous site, here.

For more stories on the Sydney Markets Fresh Awards, click here. 

Written by TheCarousel

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