The Cake That Broke The Internet With 25M Views In A Week!

The Cake That #BrokeTheInternet With 25M Views In A Week!
Elise Strachan


Jan 04, 2021

Normally The Carousel’s Baking Editor Elise Strachan’s YouTube channel – MyCupCakeAddiction – gets an incredible 13 million views a month – which is great going. But when Elise – a mother of two from the Gold Coast in Queensland – explained that her most recent success, the ‘Rainbow Checkerboard Cake’ recipe was making even bigger waves on Facebook, well we thought it must be some kind of world record! 

In the meantime, here’s the story in Elise’s own words:

I posted this video on YouTube a couple of weeks ago and it had a great response with over a million views in its first week. Then I posted a shorter version on the My Cupcake Addiction Facebook page and Holy Cannoli did it go crazy! 25 million views in 7 days! 25 MILLION VIEWS!

So, what was so great about the Facebook cake that went viral? I think it was a combination of bright colours, a unique idea and the fact you could learn something amazing in just 45 seconds.

You’ve all see the traditional Checker Board cake design but in this video I showed how to make it super colourful with a Rainbow checkerboard design, hidden as a surprise inside a very simple and un-assuming white frosted cake.

Try the recipe out below and let us know how you go.



To re-create this cake at home, you’ll need the following:

Double batch of buttercream frosting (recipe link here)
Double batch vanilla or white mud cake mix – I recommend using a packet mix here as you need to add a fair amount of food colouring and packet mix cakes are designed to be able to handle all the extra mixing.
Food colouring – I used Americolour electric orange, electric yellow, electric purple, tulip red, mint green and electric blue
Butter knife
Serrated / bread knife
Offset spatula
12″ cake board (30.48cm)
6″ cake tin (15.25cm I used several layer cake tins for this one, each 1″ high)
1 x 3.3/4″ (9.2cm) circle cutter
1 x 1.7/8″ (4.7cm) circle cutter


Check out the full video below..

Tell us the inspiration behind the best cake you’ve ever made. We’d love to hear your stories. And if you have any baking secrets, we’d love to hear them too. You can share your thoughts below.


By Elise Strachan


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