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MyCupCakeAddiction’s Choc Chip S’Mores Sandwiches

biscuits - smores sandwiches

Chocolate Chip cookies
Chocolate (any type!)

1 Place chocolate chip cookies on a baking tray and evenly cover the flat side with chocolate melts / pieces
2 Place one marshmallow on top of the chocolate and bake in a low oven for 2-3 minutes
3 Remove when the marshmallow has just started to ‘swell’ and immediately place another cookie on top to create the perfect chocolate chip marshmallow S’more sandwich

Choc Chip S'Mores Sandwiches

Tip: Buy the most misshapen and rough looking cookies you can – it’ll help with the ‘home-baked’ illusion. When transporting, separate cookies with baking paper to avoid marshmallow sticky-ness.

The Carousel thanks My Cupcake Addiction for this recipe. For more recipes from our Baking Editor, Elise Strachan click here

Written by Elise Strachan

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