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7:2:1 – Three Numbers To Help You Eat Better With Tim Robards

Tim Robards Helps you to Eat Better
I admit when I first heard about The 7:2:1 Plan by chiropractor (and ex-Bachelor Star) Tim Robards I was sceptical.

When I think chiropractor, I think ‘fix my back ache’ not ‘sort out my diet’ and TV stars are also not normally my go-to source for eating information.

But then I saw the book, loved it and when I discovered that Tim also works as a trainer, has a degree in physics and a degree in exercise science – well, call me converted.

There are three reasons why I liked it so much – it’s healthy not faddy, the recipes are tasty but easy – and, it doesn’t involve giving up your Sunday to put food in plastic containers, plus it names pizza as a legitimate food choice (and not one with a base made of cauliflower either).

As Tim says, “7:2:1 has been adapted to incorporate that little thing we call real life!”

Of course you don’t get to eat said pizza daily:  the whole idea of The 7:2:1 Plan is balance and as such it splits your meals into three different types which is where the numbers come in…

The 7:2:1 Plan by chiropractor Tim Robards

You should: eat super-clean meals 70 percent of the time.

That means 15 meals a week if you eat three times a day. These, super-clean meals should be made from unprocessed, unrefined foods and based around protein, salad or vegetables and some healthy fats like those in nuts, olives or avocado. Five snacks a week should also be super-clean like a handful of nuts or carrot sticks with hummus.

You should: eat sensible meals 20 percent of the time

For four of your 21 meals a week you can add some carbohydrates in the form of unrefined versions of grains like rice, bread or quinoa. You can also add crackers or bread to one of your snacks as well if you like.

You should: eat relaxed meals 10 percent of the time.

This means choosing whatever you like – including pizza – for two main meals a week and one snack.  Robards suggests you pick and schedule your 10 percent meals at the beginning of the week so you know when they’re coming. ‘Look forward to them! Life is there to be lived and enjoyed,’ he says. Now that is an approach we can get on board with.

If you want to give it a try yourself, The 7:2:1 Plan by Tim Robards is out now published by MacMillan Australia,$34.99.

But we’ve got three recipes to get you started:

The Fish Curry with Cauliflower Couscous is classed as a Super-Clean Meal:

fish curry cauliflower couscous

The Sumo Breakfast Bowl is a Sensible Meal:

sumo breakfast bowl

And no surprise, the Choc Coconut Balls make a great relaxed snack:

choc dates snack

Recipes have been extracted from The 7:2:1 Plan by Tim Robards, published by Macmillan Australia, available now.
Pic credit: Main image from The Robards Method website.

Written by Helen Foster

Helen Foster is The Carousel’s Health Editor. She is a highly regarded health journalist and author of multiple books.
Originally from the UK, she has worked for every major British newspaper and women's magazine in Britain. She was also a member of the Guild of Health Writers and the Medical Journalists Association.
Helen is a regular contributor for the Daily Mail newspaper, Stella at the Sunday Telegraph, Fabulous magazine, Sainsbury's magazine and UK Glamour.
She is also author 12 health and wellness books and has just finished No13 and she writes about fitness and health trends on her award-winning blog


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