Everything You Need to Know About Stocking up on Seafood for Easter

Seafood for Easter Seafarer Dinner at Sailmaker Restaurant Hyatt Regency
Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

Mar 30, 2024

Off the back of Sustainable Seafood Week, and with Easter fast approaching, many households are preparing for festive meals. Where seafood often takes centre stage. To ensure a delicious and ethical feast, it’s crucial to know how to select the freshest seafood and support responsible fishing practices in the process. Here to help is Sven Ullrich, Executive Chef of Hyatt Regency (including its seasonable, sustainable Sailmaker Restaurant). Who shares invaluable insights for making the most of your Easter seafood experience.

Seafood for Easter Seafarer Dinner at Sailmaker Restaurant Hyatt Regency Chef Sven

Fresh is best … and quality is queen

According to Sven, during the Easter season, seeking out the freshest seafood is paramount. He recommends bypassing supermarkets and heading to local fish shops or markets like the renowned Sydney Fish Market. The quality and freshness of seafood from these sources are unmatched, guaranteeing a memorable meal with loved ones.

“Recognising signs of freshness and quality in seafood is also essential for ensuring a delicious Easter
feast,” adds Sven. “Look for glossy, shiny appearances, absence of any fishy odours and a scent reminiscent of the ocean!”

Sustainably sourced

In addition to freshness and quality, Sven says that considering sustainability when purchasing seafood is also crucial. Encouraging consumers to choose sustainable options to preserve marine ecosystems.

“When buying sustainable seafood, consumers should look for certifications such as ASC and
MSC, which indicate responsible farming and sourcing practices. These certifications provide
assurance of sustainable seafood choices.

“It’s all about leaving the planet in a better place than we found it,” he adds. “We are privileged to enjoy a variety of fresh and delicious seafood. So, we want to ensure that our children, grandchildren and future generations have the same opportunity.

Storage solutions

To maintain seafood freshness until Easter dinner, proper storage is key. Sven recommends storing seafood on the lowest fridge shelf, preferably on ice, and wrapping it in a paper towel to prevent drying out.

Fishy family faves

“Whole barramundi and salmon are classic favourites, as well as oysters and prawns which are
always popular choices for holiday periods and family celebrations,” says Sven. However, for those seeking something different this Easter, consider trying kingfish. “Whether raw or cooked, it is delicious, he adds.”

Exploring sustainable alternatives to popular Easter seafood choices also supports responsible fishing practices. “Be open to trying a diverse range of seafood – you might be surprised! My top picks to consider would be cuttlefish, red dory, ocean jacket and kingfish.”

For those who would prefer to leave their sustainable dining options over Easter to the experts, Sven recommends Sailmaker Restaurant at Hyatt Regency Sydney.

“With our Good Friday Seafood Dinner, Easter Saturday Seafood Dinner and Easter Sunday Brunch Buffet, all featuring seafood sourced exclusively from sustainable fisheries, diners can indulge in the freshest seafood, family- favourite classics and a decadent dessert buffet filled with Easter-themed sweets. And, feel good knowing they are enjoying a delicious meal supporting local, eco-friendly seafood suppliers.”

Seafood for Easter Seafarer Dinner at Sailmaker
Restaurant Hyatt Regency

For more information, to make a reservation or to experience the Seafarer Dinner at Sailmaker
Restaurant, please visit sailmakerrestaurant.com.au or @hyattregencysydney.


By Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

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