Twisted Healthy Treats CEO Cass Spies Pushes Boundaries For Nutritious Frozen Delights

Twisted Health Treats CEO Cass Spies
Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team


Jul 06, 2021

Twisted Healthy Treats CEO Cass Spies continues to push the boundaries as Australia’s only all women producer of nutritious and tasty frozen treats. 

From its humble beginnings in a small production room in Bondi Beach to its new state of the art fully automated facility in Leichhardt, Sydney, Twisted Healthy Treats is Australia’s only all-women producer of better for you Ice Cream and Frozen Yoghurt.

Twisted Healthy Treats

Eleven years ago, Twisted’s founder and MD Cass Spies searched endlessly for a healthy frozen treat that she, her husband and children could enjoy without feeling guilty. With the ‘better for you’ section in the ice cream aisle virtually non-existent and effectively controlled by big multinationals, Cass put her Food Science and Technology major to work, assembled a strong all-women management team, and the result was Twisted Healthy Treats.

Since then, Cass has been pushing boundaries to create products that are all natural, authentic and can be trusted. “Twisted has continued to demonstrate that the decadent frozen treat experience doesn’t need to be had at the expense of one’s health,” says Cass. “We are pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with clean recipes that contain only natural ingredients and without unnecessary emulsifiers and stabilisers, and with much less sugar and fat than with other products on the market.”

General health and wellbeing is increasingly being prioritised by Australian consumers as evidenced by the rapid growth of the ‘better for you’ food category, demonstrating that Australians want to feel good as much as they want to look good. Cass has observed, however, that the global move towards healthier lifestyles has created confusing complexity, and differing views and opinions around the best food choices for adults and children alike.  “That’s why Twisted exists on the one fundamental belief that we make otherwise difficult healthy choices around food, easy,” says Cass. “Complexity out, simplicity, healthy and guilt-free happiness in.  It’s also why over 5,000 school canteens across Australia stock Twisted.”

But the success of Twisted, Cass believes, is down to its health-driven, all-female management team. “Our primary buyers are women like us who, not only focus proactively on their wellbeing, but are often also the primary buyers for their partner and children,” adds Cass.

All Twisted products have no-added, or lower levels of, sugar, are lower in calories, and are a good source of protein. Above all else, Twisted’s healthy frozen treats are seriously delicious, because taste remains the most important consideration in making a food choice.  Twisted’s current products are: Frozen Yoghurt Cups and Multipacks, Licks Ice Cream Sticks, Plant Based Licks, 100% Juice Licks and their soon to be released 350ml grab and go flavoured Oat Milk which is not only all natural and made with 100% Australian Oats but also contains absolutely no-added sugar and is fortified with calcium.

Twisted Healthy Treats

You can now buy Twisted Healthy Treats in over 1,500 supermarkets and independent grocers nation-wide around Australia including Coles and Harris Farms who were the first retailer to stock the brand and, due to its nutritional goodness is found in over 5,000 school canteens across Australia as well as discerning hospital groups. As of June 2020, Twisted’s Frozen Yoghurt and Ice Cream ranges became available in the USA, China and New Zealand.

Twisted Healthy Treats

You can watch Cass Spie’s inspirational interview with Natarsha Belling on the set of Game Changers below.


By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team


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