Raw Christmas Pudding Cake Pops

Raw Christmas Pudding Cake Pops
Lorna Jane

Health and Fitness Expert

Dec 19, 2023

Makes 12 cake pops

Preparation 24 hours

2 cups (150 g) oil-free dried fruit
1 cup (240 ml) orange juice
2 cups (150 g) almond meal
Cup (20 g) raw cacao powder
3 tbsp naked or crystallised ginger, chopped finely
3 tbsp cacao nibs
Cakepop sticks
Cacao nibs, flaked almonds, extra finely chopped ginger for sprinkles

1 Soak the dried fruit in the orange juice overnight. Drain. In a food processor, blend fruit, almond meal and cacao powder until dough forms. Stir through the ginger and cacao nibs.
2 Blend the sprinkle mixture in bowl. Scoop out a tbsp. of the cakepop dough and hand roll into balls.
3 Place each ball onto a cakepop stick. Holding the stick, roll each cakepop around in the sprinkle mixture and place into fridge to firm overnight.

The Carousel thanks Lorna Jane for this recipe.


By Lorna Jane

Health and Fitness Expert

More than thirty years ago, Lorna Jane Clarkson was an Aerobics instructor in Brisbane, Australia. Frustrated with the boring workout fashion of the 1980s, she started making Lorna Jane Activewear. She then started selling items in stores and now she's still committed to activewear but she's also written cook books and is committed to a healthy lifestyle in general.



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