Kanade’s Famously Delicious Meals Including Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

Kanades restaurant
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Aug 01, 2023

It doesn’t get much more delicious than the exquisite food served at Kanade restaurant in Clarence Street, Sydney.

The restaurant, which opened in May earlier this year, provides a taste of Tokyo from the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

Kanade lives up to its name which means harmony and beautiful sounds of instruments with its theatrical decor with its open kitchen at the centre of the restaurant which allows you to witness the cooking in action, particularly the skilled preparation of your sushi.

“We wanted to create a space where people can come together over good food, drinks, and conversation all day long,” said Erick, the restaurant owner. “Our goal is to bring a piece of Tokyo to Sydney’s CBD, with a fusion of the best of east and west.”

Here are three recipes from Kanade’s talented chef Hideki Okazaki who left his homeland of Japan to work in Michelin-starred Italian restaurants before relocating to Sydney.

Kanades Restaurant in Sydney’s CBD serves tantalisingly good Japanese food

Kanade Restaurant’s Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

Marinate Chicken fillets in equal part of soy sauce, mirin, sake and brown sugar. Soak 30min and bake in oven 180deg for 15 min until done, remove meet from baking tray and set side, put remain juice and marinade in saucepan, heat and reduced until thick liquid. Pour to cooked meat and serve with steamed rice

Dengaku Miso

Mix 4tbsp Red miso, 4tbsp sugar, 2tbsp mirin, 2tbsp water and ½ tsp dashi powder heat over low and keep stirring until thickens, rub on to desired cut vegetables such as egg plant and zucchini, bake in 185deg oven for 10min

Perfect Tempura butter

100ml icy cold water, veg oil 1 tsp,,add  70 gr tempura flour well sifted 2 times lightly mix with spoon do not over mix. 

Keep batter cold on iced bowl, cut veg and seafood such as prawn rolled into flour lightly, dip in batter then shallow deep fryer (oil shouldn’t be deeper than 4cm) cook until start floating then drop batter around to me crunchy crust.

Visit Kanade restaurant here – it’s open for lunch and dinner from Monday to Saturday.



By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team


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