Join The Meat Free Monday Revolution

Join The Meat Free Monday Revolution
Liz Courtney


Jun 20, 2016

I am constantly asked at film screenings around the world – ‘What can I do to make a difference to climate change?’

 Indeed, I also asked this question of some of the world’s leading professors and scientists that I have met along my journey.

I decided to task them to come up with one single idea.

A month later I called some of these UK thought leaders and asked ‘So what is your idea?’ To my surprise they said ‘Reduce your own personal carbon footprint by five per cent’. To which I responded, ‘Really? Can I alone make a difference?’ ‘Yes’ they said. ‘It’s the little things like Meat Free Monday, Walk To Work Wednesday and Package Free Friday, that count.’

I thought I can DO some of that! And then I found this fab cookbook Meat Free Monday with the forward written by Paul McCartney and his daughters Mary and Stella, who launched the concept of giving up meat on Mondays in 2009. Reading through the pages, it felt like they had talked to the same scientists as I had in the UK! As they too, encourage everyone to play their own individual part in helping to protect our planet.  Little steps count.

It’s far too easy to put our heads in the sand. So I challenge all of you reading this, to make a pledge to go Meat Free each Monday for the next six weeks! Don’t whinge about it, feel good about it. Grab the book! It’s divided into seasonal themes with a full Monday menu on a weekly basis.

Winter Ideas For Meat Free Monday

Breakfast: try cinnamon crepes served with a dust of cinnamon sugar, and a good dollop of vanilla yogurt.

Lunch: a light vegetarian puff pastry pie served with fruit chutney

Dinner: my favourite –  butternut squash and spinach risotto with chestnuts and goats cheese. Nice one Mr McCartney!

So when you’re asked next time by your kids about climate change and sustainable solutions you can encourage them to take small steps like these. And if you have taken up my Monday challenge, point out you are already doing something!

‘We are taking the Meat Free Monday Challenge with the help of Paul McCartney’s very own recipe selection, so we are making a difference.’   This really is the perfect recipe book for anyone who cares about their health, the environment and loves seriously delicious food!

Do your bit for protecting the planet and help secure a brighter future for the generations to come.

“For Meat Eaters who can’t think how to cook with it, this will help and inspire”

Join The Meat Free Monday Revolution 1
The Meat Free Monday Cookbook by Stella, Paul and Mary McCartney, Published by Angus & Robertson











The Carousel would like to thank Liz Courtney for this article. Liz 
directed Earth’s Survival and The Tipping Points of Climate Change, and is one of the winners of 100 Women of Influence awards in 2015.

Here is a gorgeous meat free recipe to get you inspired!

Vegetarian Mushroom, Mascarpone & Polenta Bake


By Liz Courtney


Liz Courtney is a documentary maker and notably directed Earth’s Survival and the series The Tipping Points of Climate Change. She is a mother and social entrepreneur. Liz was one of the winners of 100 Women of Influence awards in 2015



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