Five Low-Waste Meal Prep Hacks To Practice At Home

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May 06, 2020

Meal preparation for those new to the scene can be somewhat overwhelming, especially with Instagram flooding our heads with perfectly curated creations. So, let us help you take the pressure off and make a start.

SUSTOMi is an Australian eco collective sharing low-waste lifestyle stories on its free community podcast Life Freshly Sorted. SUSTOMi also has its own online store offering clever alternative food storage solutions such as silicone lids, silicone pouches and beeswax wraps. With more Australians slowing down and experimenting in the kitchen, we checked in with SUSTOMi’s creator Bronwyn Kidd, for her meal prep hacks at home:


Purge your pantry: 

We all have items gathering dust in the pantry. For whatever reason, those items that we purchased six months ago must be checked to ensure they’re fit to consume, and create a reason to use them! This pantry purge is not only a mindful way to take note of the things you don’t really use, but can also help to form the basis of your next shopping list! Surplus walnuts and icing sugar? Time to try that new carrot cake recipe…


Make an inventory list of your current household food items: 

We all have our own version of staple household foods. How can you jazz up these items in different ways to keep meals interesting and adventurous? Keep in mind any household dietary requirements and make sure you have everyone covered in meal prep planning. 

Get your shopping list down on paper, and critique: 

Do the items on your shopping list complement the items you already have at home? Yes, cross check against Tip 2! Low-waste is key! Be as honest and creative as possible. Spontaneous purchases often lead to waste, or overindulgence. Try the meal planner template on SUSTOMi’s website as a useful guide. 

Get creative with the food already in the home: 

Sustomi, meals

Look for food items with the potential to form a key part of a dish. Sweet potatoes and carrots left over from last week’s shop can potentially form the base of a soup. Voile! Got an extra 2 slices of bread now going slightly too hard? Now you’ve got croutons for your soup or bread crumbs for homemade schnitzels.

Use transparent fridge containers: 

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Silicone fridge pouches are excellent for the environment and your sanity! Grab and go with everything in plain sight. SUSTOMi is offering 25% off fridge pouches until 30 April! 

Check out the Sustomi website here.


By The Carousel The Carousel has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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