Kiwi Blogger, Sarah Tuck, Shares Her Tips & Tricks To Starting A Beautiful Blog

Anne Marie Cummins

Food Writer

Jan 04, 2023

Kiwi blogger, Sarah Tuck chats with Anne Marie Cummins, about food blogging and how to start out.

Sarah Tuck works as a recipe developer, food stylist and photographer in Auckland New Zealand where she lives with her husband Nick, their two teenage sons and two mad terriers. She began her freelance career after working with New Zealand celebrity chef Annabel Langbein doing recipe development and styling. Sarah has worked for New Zealand publications Mindfood, Taste, NZ Life & Leisure Magazine and has just become a regular contributor to Dish magazine, providing recipes, which she then styles, and shoots herself. She also works regularly for NZ Masterchef judge and restaurateur Simon Gault. When she isn’t working she spends every spare minute creating recipes, which she shares on her blog From the Kitchen.

What inspired you to start your blog?

I started the blog while working for NZ celebrity chef Annabel Langbein – after working away developing recipes behind the scenes I was keen to share my own ideas and develop my styling and photography to share with others.

What is the most popular recipe on your blog?

In the top 3 posts of all time from the blog, it’s is my Fragrant Spiced Indian Vegetable & Lentil Soup – it’s bloody delicious!

5 top tips to anyone starting a food blog?

1. Be passionate and have fun.
2. Be yourself.
3. Make the food that really floats your boat – whether that is vegan, gluten-free, family-style or whatever, just make sure it is true to you and chances are it’ll be exactly right for some one else too!
4. Make sure you give full instructions – read and re-read before posting, and ask yourself, can someone who has no idea about cooking follow your steps?
5. Be consistent – once every six months is not going to get followers checking back in to see what you’re getting up to…I aim for at least once a fortnight.

Favourite foodies you follow religiously.

Katie Quinn Davies, Sneh Roy, Jamie Oliver and Yotam Ottolenghi.

Name the weirdest flavour combination that actually tastes great.

It’s become so mainstream now, but is still so delicious sweet and salty. eg caramelised salted walnuts on my Autumn Salad with figs, blue cheese and prosciutto

Guilty pleasure?

Haha – which one! Ummm – Pics 100% natural peanut butter on a spoon straight out of the jar

What recipe or food are you craving right now?

After a busy weekend it’s always gently scrambled eggs – my favourite comfort food

Your most lasting gastronomic memory is…

Hopefully it’s coming up in Italy – bring it on!!!

With 2 teenage boys, what’s the dish your family like you to cook for them most?

This is a tricky one as everyone in the family has a different favourite – Nick loves simple starters like fresh buffalo mozzarella, figs and prosciutto, Henry is a vege fiend and loves brown rice, Asian flavours and Mexican while Rich is a total meat and spuds kind of guy!

What are your hot tips for catering for a crowd?

Definitely be prepared – I am the Queen of making lists and it seems so pedantic and nerdy but if I work out a time line, then work backwards. I take all the stress out of entertaining so by the time people arrive, I feel totally sorted. I try to only leave the fun or essential stuff for while guests are there, so I can get on with enjoying myself too.

Famous person (dead or alive) you would like to cook dinner for?

I would love to cook for Stephen Fry (and Tilda Swinton and Meryl Streep…I feel like they would all love food and provide spectacular conversation)


By Anne Marie Cummins

Food Writer

Anne Marie is passionate about food and brings you the best recipes from around the globe. As a contract creative director in publishing, Anne Marie Cummins has covered fashion, lifestyle and food through her work on titles such as, Vogue, Vogue Entertaining + Travel, Elle, Elle Cuisine, Home Beautiful, Australian Woman’s Weekly.


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