Guide to the Best Breakfasts in Sydney – Yeah we know you love AVO on toast

Guide to the Best Breakfasts – Yeah we know you love AVO on toast
Karen Lawson


Aug 01, 2023

It’s unlikely that Bernard Salt could imagine the uproar his comments about avocado on toast would have on a nation –  that Millennials owe their lack of house ownership to due to the addictive breakfast qualities of such a seemingly insignificant green-hued fruit. So if you are going to spend close to $20 on this miracle of good fats, vitamins, and awesome bread. Make it count. Here is our guide to the best breakfast spots who get just a bit more imaginative with this green goddess:

District Brasserie, CBD, Chifley Square

It’s new and bang on-trend. With its in-house bakery, you can go from croissant to cocktail hour then dinner without moving. We want to roost here. It’s everything Sydney dining should be about. Look out for anything ‘truffle’ Thanks to a trip to Canberra, Frisbee, the Jack Russel truffle dog sniffed out these magical orbs for you to try with your breakfast.

The AVO: First it’s on District Brasserie sourdough baked that morning. Two generous, big chewy slices char grilled and topped with fresh luscious avocado, dotted with barrel aged fetta, olive soil, sliced fennel, halved cherry tomatoes, provençal dressing and micro herbs ($17) top with a biodynamic cornucopia poached egg (+$6). Its heaven on a plate, better on the fork.

Your plus one: The Turalla truffle, creamy scrambled egg, maple bacon on crème fraiche and chives ($21) or perhaps the sautéed mushrooms with shavings of mizithra cheese, soft poached eggs on toasted sourdough ($19). If you really want to go decadent but light – the smoked salmon and lobster croissant served with a perfect soft boiled egg on the side could be your go to.

Garçon, Tramsheds, Forest Lodge

It’s hard not to get addicted to the amazing coffee from The Little Marionette; but breakfast is grazing and gazing spot thanks to Chef Brian Villahermosa (ex Movida) with some of the best people and dogwatching action at the Tramsheds.

The AVO – First let’s start with remarkable ancient grain sourdough, stone milled and baked on site by master baker Chez at Dust Bakery. Two slices are stacked and covered with lashings of smashed avo, two technically perfect 62 degree soft eggs. The whole deal is then covered with shaved feta resembling a snow field. The shower of togarashi gives it all a kick. ($13.5)

Your Plus one – Brunch Bao’s are moreish one handed morsels stuffed with spicy chorizo, tortilla and mojo verde. We loved slow poached salmon under a doona of oh so creamy scrambled eggs. The addition of sea blight & pickled green tomato adds freshness and acidity to balance a glorious dish. ($17.5).

Blackwall Café, Chiswick – On a sunny morning the glass doors are pulled back, copper tables are gleaming and the views onto boats bobbing around on the harbor is a pretty sight with a cup of All Press coffee in hand

The Avo – Athin single slice of local Butler and Bentley bread is topped with lashings of avocado and luscious slices of house smoked trout. The trout is from Decosti. Chef Arnold Williams cures it overnight in a dark brown sugar and salt mix then it’s hot smoked over apple wood for 1.5 hours. Topped with a leafy dressing of herbs and lemon it’s the bomb.($18.50).

Your plus one: Two perfectly poached Blackwall eggs on toast schmeared with caramalised onion, dotted with yoghurt and cherry tomatoes with a herb salad is our next favourite dish. ($17.50) If you like fritters, two rounds of pumpkin, fetta and spinach are your go to. Add a generous thick slice of haloumi or smoky bacon to make the whole thing amazing!

Two Chaps, Marrickville – So good we went back the next day! The bakery at the back turns out a range of specials along with wild ferment sourdough from certified organic flour. Its produce driven menu is unconventional with a community of artisan producers at its heart.

The AVO – A single gorgeously thick crusty but chewy slice of house baked sourdough is topped with beetroot hummus, generous slices of avocado, pieces of smoked feta, pine nuts, then dressed with spinach and chermoula. ($16) Top it with a poached egg (+$3), add mushrooms ($4) if you dare, this is our pick of the pack.

Your plus one; You can’t go past two golden rounds of house made hash browns on a pool of green goddess sauce made from super green goodness a few crispy Brussel sprouts, kale and capped with a poached egg. Or try a ‘hot sandwich’; a house baked seeded ciabatta roll layered with beetroot relish, mushroom, haloumi and a sunny side up fried egg.

The Hyde, Potts Point

Sitting in a comfortable booth looking out on huge windows into the Cross this is a great people watching spot. It’s a contemporary fit out with white chairs, copper hanging lights and food from Milanese chef Christian Colognesi.

The Avo – Avocado Spread ($15) is two generous slices of toasted Brasserie soy & linseed bread topped with a scheamer of avocado, lime, basil, piped goats curd and covered with halved slices of cherry tomato. This one is an ode to Italy. Classic.

Your plus one: Good scrambled eggs are hard to find. The chef does a cracking job; simply add wild mushrooms onto dark malt bread. The signature dish here should be ‘Fried Eggs and Greens’ its‘WOW’ on a plate. Two perfectly sunny side up eggs on sourdough separated by a fan of vertical crispy kale, on the other side is another slice of sourdough topped with sweet crushed peas then sprinkled with fairy pea dust. Its magic – you might be tempted and at $16 is a bargain!

Hotel Centennial, Woolhara

Things step up a notch here hatted chef Justin North. Maybe it’s the pistachio sofas, Scandi design, light filled room or the beautiful people worthy. It’s a beautiful spot to dine. Don’t forget your pashmina.

The AVO – A deconstructed dish with thick char grilled fingers of Flinders Rangers soul origin sourdough, fanned half of an avocado, a tumble of colour from house made pickles including pink cauliflower, red cabbage and charred eggplant dip dusted with furikake. Dead posh. ($18)

Your plus one: This might be the dish which turns avo lovers into omelette fans. A perfect cylinder of biodynamic eggs crowned with Queensland spanner crab and drizzled with burnt butter 22, Tasmanian truffle and local mushrooms OMG! A side of shaved fennel and orange salad is the perfect combo. Mushroom fans should go for baked mushroom and Cornocopia eggs cocotte which is served to the table in its own skillet with grilled eggplant purée.


By Karen Lawson


Karen Lawson is a renowned food and travel writer. Karen is a huge ‘foodie’ and has been a food and luxury travel journalist for over ten years, writing for a diverse range of publishers. She enjoys researching and writing trips to uncover the world's most luxurious places to stay, places to pop your taste buds and is always on the hunt for new and notable extra-ordinary experiences. She is also an inspirational speaker and a regular on the speaker circuit.



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