Why Eco Friendly Makeup Wipes And Bamboo Products Are On Trend

Elizabeth Charters

Health & Beauty Contributor

Jun 29, 2017

Ever wondered what ingredients makeup wipes consist of? Or whether they are healthy or harmful for the skin? 

With the latest trends of fashion, makeup and skincare, makeup wipes have made a new comeback. Soothing ingredients such as camomile, lavender and tea-tree oil have taken the next step into making this transformation.

No longer do makeup wipes need cause skin irritations on an individual’s skin. Nor do they need to have the added ingredient of alcohol in wipes which produces a stinging sensation or drying of the skin.

Now thanks to the beauty gods, Kendall Seddon, Co-Founder of ‘Luvme’, an eco-friendly and organic product business, makeup wipes do not have to be full of nasties anymore!

Kendall told The Carousel about what ingredients her products consist of and how she started her family-run business based in the hinterland of northern NSW, Australia.

Kendall Seddon, Founder of Luvme, with her daughters and her mum.
Kendall Seddon from Luvme, with her daughters and her mum Laurie.

What was the inspiration behind your organic bamboo makeup wipes?

We started with Littleshoppers on-line business then created the LUVME Brand. I am a mum of three beautiful girls and I wanted to create and develop a product that would make a difference to the earth my children inherit and generations to come. It bothered me greatly that 3.75 million nappies go into landfill in Australia and New Zealand every day. Research says that disposable nappies take 500 years to break down in landfill, so I began to research how we could develop premium nappy and wipes which would break down in two years and be biodegradable. The products are made from bamboo and are super absorbent without all the chemicals, alcohol, chlorine and other nasties, while still maintaining quality, features and comfort any parent expects for their baby.

What year did you start your business?

We started out in 2010 with Littleshoppers selling baby products on-line and on e-bay. My mum Laurie is also my business partner and we then developed a business plan to create the Luvme brand which I researched to develop our products, patents, manufacturing and marketing of our eco bamboo nappies and wipes. Over the past few years we have grown our range of products and we are now launching our new LUVME Eco Bamboo Pull-up pants, Australia’s first biodegradable Pull-up! Our family value in the business is that together we can make a difference ‘one babies bottom at a time!’

LUVME Eco Bamboo Pull-up pants is Australia’s first biodegradable Pull-up.
LUVME Eco Bamboo Pull-up pants is Australia’s first biodegradable Pull-up.

Why do you think eco products and wipes with the inclusion of vitamins are making a comeback to remove make-up from the skin?

Like so many trends over the years they get revived and reinvented. Sometimes simplicity is just the best.

Cleansing our skin of make-up is important, it’s an essential step for good skin care. For busy mum’s and women on-the-go, carrying a LUVME Bamboo 20 Pack of wipes in your bag or kept in the bathroom is so convenient, they are already moistened so wiping off your make-up is one easy quick and simple step!

Luvme Bamboo wipes are biodegradable and compostable! We use only natural ingredients and bamboo has excellent natural antibacterial and deodorising properties along with citric extract (fruit based) to cleanse our skin gently. LUVME wipes are gentle on all sensitive skin from babies, toddlers, and yes …make-up removal and safe and gentle on skin conditions such as acne and eczema too.

How are your wipes beneficial to the skin? And how do they differ from other brands?

LUVME Eco wipes are 100% bamboo, they’re fragrance and alcohol free, naturally moistened with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E together with purified water, vegetable glycerine, citric extract and plant based decyl glucocide and polyaminopropyl as preservatives. Aloe vera is renown for providing anti-inflammatory properties and also for healing chronic skin problems such as acne and eczema. It’s an amazing ingredient that is gentle and effective together with Vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties which work to protect damaged skin cell structure… so as a make-up wipe it’s really a great tonic for your skin as it cleans.

On a babies bottom it is soothing, and protects their sensitive skin from developing rashes and discomfort.

Other brands use alcohol, fragrances and chemicals, all of which get absorbed through our skin. Alcohol has a drying effect on our skin so it’s not going to enhance anti-ageing, and I guess it’s a personal choice as to what we are happy to put on our skin. We believe ‘natural’ is best!

Where can consumers buy your products?

Our products are sold in Independent retails such as Foodworks, IGA stores, SPAR Supermarkets, Your Friendly Grocer, GO VITA, chemists, organic and health stores across Australia, as well as being sold retail in some child care centres too.

Customers can call us or email to locate a local stockist in their area.

Luvme products are sold to anyone who uses wipes, from mums to childcare centres.
Luvme products are sold to anyone who uses wipes, from mums to childcare centres.

Is your collection limited only to mums?

No not all! The Bamboo wet wipes also come in an 80 pack size and we sell them to Child Care Centres, Aged Care Centres, and really anyone can use the wipes!

They are great to have in the car if you’ve had take-away or an ice-cream and want to wipe your hands, we know of truck drivers who handle fuel and hoses who buy our wipes and love them and are impressed by how strong LUVME wipes are too!

The LUVME ‘All Natural’ Coconut & Lavender baby Bath Wash is suitable for all the family, we are going to re-label this product as ‘Family Wash’. It’s also great to fill up your hand-wash dispenser with and use in your bathroom. Bath-time isn’t just for babies, I love a big bath at the end of my day. Coconut oil leaves your skin super soft and lavender is soothing, so a great combination to settle and soothe …. dare I say with a glass of wine!

Tell us what you mean when you say your brand is perfect for Eco Mums “without the Organic Price Tag”

As consumers we know anything sold as ‘Organic’, ‘Natural’ or ‘ Eco friendly’ usually means a more expensive price tag.

In many cases these products are considered a speciality and exclusive. Our family dream was to manufacture a quality bamboo, eco friendly, biodegradable nappy and wipes that is very affordable, a competitive price against all the other brands, so that parents can have a choice to buy a premium eco friendly product, guilt free of all the nasties, knowing it is better for their baby and they are contributing to a better earth for future generations.

A product we are proud of, that all families can afford, because let’s face it the family budget is always under stress.

Check out LUVME  products here.

Watch the interview of Kendall Seddon by Sarah Harris on Game Changers:

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Games Changers: Sarah Harris Interviews Eco-Mum Kendall Seddon


By Elizabeth Charters

Health & Beauty Contributor

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