The Be-All, End-All Guide To Dyeing Your Hair At Home

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Maximising our hair has become even more important for those of us in regular Zoom Meetings. And some of us are starting to dye our hair for the first time rather than go to a hairdresser. Here, Priceline Category Assistant, Ashleigh MacGregor, shares her ultimate guide to dyeing your hair at home.

Should people by dyeing their hair at home? Are there any hair dyes in particular that you would recommend? Are there certain ingredients in hair dyes we should be avoiding?

People have been dying their hair for years at home and it’s certainly making a return due to the current climate. Always try and avoid ammonia as it damages the cuticle which makes up the hairs structure. If you’re looking for bright/ fashion colours, I would recommend Kiss Tintations, free from any ammonia’s, peroxide or sulfate’s. It also has moisturising benefits of Aragn oil and olive oil and as if that wasn’t enough it also has collagen and keratin. Bonus! If you’re looking for a semi-permanent Hair dye, Garnier Olia is also ammonia-free and blended with natural flower oils. With permanent colours it’s often hard to avoid ammonia but Solfine Crema Colour has a very low percentage of ammonia causing the hair cuticle not to over open so you can avoid damage. This range has benefits of Coconut oil in it so it is very hydrating for the hair.

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What steps should people take when dyeing their hair?

  • Always read and follow the instructions, wear gloves and old clothes.
  • Ensure you place Vaseline around the hairline, ears and base of the neck to avoid any colour staining the skin.
  • Start by applying product to the roots first and then work your way down! Pull the colour down through the mid-lengths and ends, your roots need more time to develop. Give the roots about a 20 minute head start, giving the new growth the most time to absorb the colour.
  • Avoid washing your hair for two days, this way your natural oils will protect your scalp.
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What about aftercare? Are there certain products we should be using to keep the colour strong?

You should be using a colour care shampoo and conditioner that is sulphate free. Try

Daily Naturals Colour Protect Shampoo and conditioner.

How often should you be washing your hair?

Every two to three days, it’s not only great for your hair health to keep all those natural oils in but also great to preserve the colour you have put in your hair.

Written by Robyn Foyster

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