Ask the Anti-Ageing Expert: The Fountain of Youth

Ask the Anti-Ageing Expert: The Fountain of Youth

Out and about with the soothsayer of all things anti-ageing, Stephanie Darling talks procedures with Kaye Scott from The Clinic.

What is the next big thing on the anti-ageing horizon?
The next big thing is going to be anti-ageing internal medicine, which is huge in LA.
This is focusing on the use of vitamins and hormone injections and peptides.

There are 7 pillars of anti-ageing.

1)    Hormone therapy has shifted the ageing paradigm.
2)    Diet and nutrition contribute to the way we age.
3)    Pathology and the need for early detection and prevention of degenerative diseases.
4)    Inflammation.
5)    Cognitive function.
6)    Exercise and physiology as exercise oxygenates blood vessels.
7)    Genetics.

Written by Stephanie Darling

Born in a haze of Chanel No 22 Stephanie is obsessed with beauty, lifestyle, words and visuals. Stephanie believes you should never grow old gracefully; there are too many fillers for that. Stephanie has had a long and impressive career in beauty journalism with some of the most prestigious magazines in the country. She has been Beauty Director of VOGUE Australia, Haper's Bazaar and, most recently the Sun Herald.

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