How To Get Bigger Brows (And Why You’ll Love Eyebrow Extensions)

How To Get Bigger Brows (And Why You’ll Love Eyebrow Extensions)
Iantha Yu

Beauty Writer

Jul 29, 2015

Just like eyelash extensions, eyebrow extensions are a semi-permanent solution for those with little hair in the area, usually from over-plucking – and the end result is so perfectly sculpted, you won’t even notice the real hair from the fakes.

“The Final Touch Brows Eyebrow Extension service is a professional salon-only service which requires specialised training,” says Danielle Kurukchi, owner of Final Touch Brows. “The service is perfect for women (or men!) who are looking to correct over-plucked, thinning brows, those who want to fill in gaps, and thicken or extend the brow, or for those who have lost their brows completely due to illness or treatment.”

How To Get Bigger Brows (And Why You’ll Love Eyebrow Extensions)

Image courtesy of Final Touch Brows

The treatment consists of teensy, tiny synthetic-mink hairs applied by hand, and are glued onto the natural brow hair or skin by your specialist. The hairs come in four different colours and you’ll have perfectly groomed brows for up to 14 days… providing you look after them.

The best thing about this treatment is how low maintenance it is. As they are meant to look like natural hairs, you don’t even need to brush them through every morning.

“Gently tap the brows into place with your fingers if you need,” continues Danielle. “If a hair happens to stick out in the wrong direction gently pat the hair down. Never tweeze out the hair as you may also tweeze out a natural brow hair.

Final Touch Brows Eyebrow Extensions, from $25


By Iantha Yu

Beauty Writer

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