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Lauren Mccowan’s How To Guide To The Latest Hairstyles At MBFW 2018

Undone knotted buns, loose, relaxed waves and ringlet curls graced the runway at this week’s Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week in Sydney and many of these stylish looks were created by Lauren McCowan.

Embracing individuality was the centre of each of these key looks developed for the colour-filled C/MEO range, she said.

“I wanted to explore the two biggest trends globally right now which is the ‘Art of the Individual’ and ‘Self-Acceptance’ – exploring and celebrating each models individual hair type and texture.

“Working and building a beautiful base, quality to the hair and then using Cloud Nine to seal that in and create beautiful finishes without compromising the quality of each girls hair.”

Here are her tips to getting the looks she worked on at Sydney’s Fashion Week. 

  • Dampen hair down with Evo Day of Grace and Evo Icon Welder to prep hair for styling. Then, dry product in with the Cloud Nine Airshot on cold air using a Cloud Nine Paddle
Create this hair look using Cloud Nine tools and Evo styling products.
  • Take horizontal sections of the hair, starting at the nape. Set a loose wave by wrapping small sections of hair around the Cloud Nine Curling Wand in different directions slowly moving through the hair.

  • Continue this technique across all sections of the hair. Tuck section over ears while warm to cool closer to the head shape.

  • Once hair is set, liberally spray with Evo Water Killer and brush through with the paddle brush for effortless volume and a textured finish.
  • Grab the ends of the hair and spray a cloud of Evo She Bang a Bang next to the ends and shake ends through the product for light separation and definition.

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