Lara Worthington The New Face Of Seafolly

Lara Worthington

Lara Worthington – super-model, super-entrepreneur, super-mum and now the face of Seafolly swimwear, which is about encouraging beach life all year round. And why not, I say! the beach is beautiful at all times.

Lara Worthington – The Lady Herself

Having shared a few days working-vacation with Lara Worthington some years back in Vail Colorado (ironically in the snow), I got to see a side of her that most people don’t. Lara is generous to a fault, gracious, kind and gentle-natured. She’s also damn professional and gives every project her all. She flashed that trademark dazzling smile while snowboarding through a blizzard, take after take until we nailed the perfect shot. She also insisted on buying lunch for our entire crew of seven people, despite having probably as much (or little) in the bank as the rest of us, at the time (this was pre: Sam days and pre: Being Lara Bingle Days, when, like the rest of those of use who freelance for a living, live job to job). She is just a beautiful soul – inside and out.

We’ve kept in touch from time to time over the years and she just has not changed a bit. She’s every bit as beautiful to the core and is the perfect choice for the iconic Aussie brand’s ambassador.

About the Collab

As a model, entrepreneur, philanthropist and mother, Lara exudes the passion and confidence that Seafolly looks for in all their ambassadors. And she exhibits zero ego.

Seafolly introduces exciting new product lines including Seafolly Originals, knitwear and ready-to-wear pieces that perfectly personify the Australian beach lifestyle. New styles combine that beach feeling with function for the cooler months. Seafolly’s new swim line Seaside Stripe, of which Lara Worthington is the very beautiful face, integrates premium sustainable yarns to create a considered and utterly luxurious product.

Like always, Seafolly have harnessed design, impeccable fit and innovation to create styles that inspire confidence to keep you feeling confident on and off the sand.

Cover Up

The Truth About Lara Worthington’s Pregnancy Rumour1

Don’t forget to keep covered with SPF too, with Lara’s own skincare collection Share The Base, which features its LB cream as the hero to distribute all profits to a charity of your choice. Honouring her home country and causes close to her heart, Lara met with a succession of credible Australian charity candidates and after much consideration, chose WWF Australia, The Humpty Dumpty Foundation, and Bowel Cancer Australia as the first three project partners to launch the initiative. 

The distribution of funds is allocated through each online sale, allowing the customer to nominate at checkout where the proceeds from their purchase are directed. It is with hope, that this participatory model will also generate greater education around the important work of these organisations and their primary developmental focus.

To the Beach

But back to Lara Worthington X Seafolly … to launch the collaboration, the team spent a glorious few days in Jervis bay, just a couple of hours south of Sydney, photographing the collection on Lara’s banging’ bod, and now the sunkissed beauty has taken over their Instagram as part of the launch.

It’s clear Lara had a blast on the shoot and is so happy with the collaboration, writing “Thrilled to be fronting a campaign inspired by a promise to empower women to #FeelThatWay, always. The #AlwaysSeafolly campaign inspires the unique feeling of embracing your true self and being at one with the beach, all year round. As always, Seafolly have harnessed design, impeccable fit and innovation to create styles that have inspired confidence at the beach for generations.”

I’ll confess to being more of a snow-chick than a beach-gal, but if anything is going to get me racing to the beach, it’s this amazing collaboration and the beautiful collection of cossies, sweats and ready-to-wear pieces.

Written by Shonagh Walker

Shonagh Walker is an award-winning lifestyle writer and author specialising in beauty, health, travel and pets.


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