How to Pick Your Nail Polish According To Your Outfit

How to Pick Your Nail Polish According to Your Outfit
Sophia Smith

Lifestyle Writer

Oct 16, 2017

Every woman in the world is different, and each is unique in every aspect, style included.

We all have our little signatures; some of us are known for our love of boots, great taste in purses, a quirky sense of style, elegance or a signature scent that makes it known you’re in the room.

Others pay attention to small details that actually make all the difference, like always having perfect nails and the perfect nail polish shade that goes with each and every outfit, staple jewellery pieces or recognisable makeup.

Today is all about the ladies who pay special attention to their nails. Whether you’re a nail polish neophyte or a complete pro, there are always new tricks to master and new shades to add to your collection to make those outfits really pop, so this one is for you.

Paint me minimal

Paint me minimal

Sworn minimalists are known for their love of carefully curated outfits and a limited colour palette. Even when it comes to makeup and nails they rarely stray from their chosen hues. However, even minimalists can afford to play without straying from their style.

When you’re wearing a predominantly black outfit, your nails can stand to be both red as well as beige. Red is pretty straightforward but with beige, you have the option of creating real minimalistic nail art. Use the neutral surface to add a bit of pop with geometric shapes – triangles, dots, vertical lines and even diagonal colour blocks. Even though summer is near, don’t be afraid of painting it black, particularly when rocking white or grey attire. Matte black nails will bring an extra touch of sophistication, especially if you play with lines again.

Of course, if you want a foolproof nail polish to go with every given outfit, you’ll never go wrong with incorporating your favourite nudes all at once by creating this stunning and versatile nail art.

Ladies of the 80s

Ladies of the 80s

The revival of the 80s on this year’s runways, as well as last year’s, has given rise to those gals eternally in love with the electric and eclectic decade. Whether your shades of choice are electric red and blue or even millennial and hot pink, don’t forget that colour matching is a big no. Therefore, if you’re rocking a blue dress don’t paint the nails blue as well – instead go with a custom-made pink shade to really make everyone notice.

The already famous Say It With Polish is known for the option of creating custom-made shades that you can create yourself with just a few clicks, not to mention that all the girls who wanna have fun will appreciate the whimsical nail polish names. You can create that perfect vamp shade of red to go with a rocking black dress, and of course black nails to go with a smokin’ hot red jumpsuit.

The bohemian goddess

The Bohemian Goddess

This is where it gets both interesting and tricky. There are many boho goddesses out there that believe that their nails should reflect their style, but when you’re rocking patterned dresses, kimonos, skirts and crochet tops, overly colourful and intricate nail art can be a bit too much, not to mention that the nails will go unnoticed if they completely match your style.

Your best bet is to go with simple and earthy hues such as beige, earthy green and eggshell. Powder blue is also an amazing option, especially if it’s matte. As for nail art, save the shapes and symbols for those times when you’re wearing numerous colours but no patterns as that is the time for them to pop. When in doubt, always go for a colour that is the least present in your outfit such as one of the colours in your head wrap or the colour of your jewellery.

Use every nail polish colour in your box

Use every color in boxes nail polish

The girls who have that laid-back approach to fashion and foster the casual style are actually left with the largest number of options. As your outfits are always stylish but never too much you can stand to make a statement with bold nail colour choices and even play with nail art.

One of the most casually elegant choices is colour blocking that also pays homage to great works of art. You can go for both subtle as well as highly conspicuous Lichtenstein-inspired nails or take a more sophisticated art route by recreating one of the most iconic paintings by Mondrian. Again, refrain from matching your attire to nails, resort to contrasting but shades that go well together and you won’t be wrong.


By Sophia Smith

Lifestyle Writer

Sophia Smith is an Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about photography, interior design and DIY projects. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is a regular contributor at Women Love Tech and High Style Life.


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