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How to Change Your Skincare Routine for Every Climate and Season

How do you change your skincare to suit different weather conditions (wet weather or sunshine)?
As UV exposure is the biggest contributor to ageing, avoiding excessive sun exposure and protecting our skin from the sun is really important. Given the UV factor can still be high during cloudy and wet days I still religiously use a good natural sunscreen regardless of the cloud cover. I sometimes adjust how much moisturiser I use depending on the moisture levels in the air but my best kept secret is to up the ante when I know I am going to be out in the hot sun – natural carotenoids found in certain foods and supplements like Luminous White – protect our skin from harmful UV, they act like an internal sunscreen and also nourish our skin as they are super antioxidants that fight free radicals so on extra sun exposure days I take 2 luminous white capsules instead of 1 to boost my protection as well as regularly re applying sunscreen.
How should you change your skincare regime based on the four seasons?
Everyone’s skin is unique and the changes in season can certainly effect our skin differently. Not only is the external environment changing but our eating habits change and this is equally effects the health of our skin. Summer means losing water so rehydration from the inside and outside goes up a notch, my trick is to simply increase the amount of Hivita Luminous white cream as needed. The key is to listen and look closely to your body as you will see signs that your skin needs some TLC very quickly – so give it some love. My skincare regime doesn’t change much as I simply adjust the amount sunscreen, Luminous white cream and capsules I use as the weather changes and as my skin tells me what it needs. My last tip would be to increase the use of barrier products like natural lip balm and zinc cream as the wind gusts to protect and lock in that moisture!
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Top tips for good skin?

Glowing healthy skin is much like a shimmery silk dress, absolutely beautiful and breathtaking at its best, but like all good things and exactly like taking care of a fine silk garment, we do need to take extra special care of our skin to get the best out of it.

Here are my top 5 tips for glowing skin:

1. Diet: vegetables contain antioxidant carotenoids that nourish and protect our skin, high fibre foods eliminate pore clogging toxins, hydrating fruits and clean water keep our skin hydrated and good anti-inflammatory fats like omega 3 from fish boost skin glow. On the flip side avoiding over exposure to foods that over stimulate sebum production and put our skin out of balance like high glycaemic foods including sugary foods (insulin over production) and dairy foods (have been linked to increased inflammatory skin conditions) is a must.

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2. UV exposure: Can cause oxidative stress, inflammation, redness, wrinkling, sun spots and is the biggest contributor to aging. Avoiding excessive sun exposure and protecting our skin from the sun is one of the best ways we can promote glowing skin. Apart from using a good natural sunscreen, natural Carotenoids found in certain foods and supplements like Luminous White – protect our skin from UV induced damage, they act like an internal sunscreen and also nourish our skin as they are super antioxidants that fight free radicals and help our skin glow.

Autumnal skincare routine
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3. Toxins: Our skin is our largest organ and protects us from environmental toxins, in order to keep our skin glowing we really need to avoid exposure to potential toxins which clog skin pores and damage cells. Environmental toxins now come in the form of conditioned air, pollution, synthetic chemicals in cosmetic products, blue light from computer screens and LED lights. It is vital in the modern age to double cleanse and apply super antioxidants found in luminous white like vitamin c, vitamin e and carotenoids both internally through supplementation and directly on the face and neck to give your skin the best chance at glowing.

4. Stress less: the effects of stress on our body and skin are alarming, causing vital bodily functions of nourishment to be shut down, dulling our skin and complexion. There are many ways to reduce the negative effects of stress like exercise and taking herbal adaptogens. The latest in scientific research has shown that carotenoids in luminous white reduce cortisol levels in turn helping skin to glow and be healthy.

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5. Using a natural Supplement & Cream routine: In the fast paced world we live in our skin is hit with a barrage of processed foods, UV, toxins and stress. The best way to keep up with the barrage is to supplement with natural vitamins and carotenoids as found in Luminous White – this gives our skin the best chance to thrive and glow. Research has also shown that taking an internal supplement as well as topical cream boosts the results of skin nourishment and protection in half the time it would normally take to see results. Get supplementing!

Autumnal Skincare routine
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