The Humble Sheet Face Mask Gets A Revamp

The Problem: Breakouts Galore! My Skin Is Having A Major Freak-Out

The Fix It: Feel like your skin is going through a bad patch, thanks to the ever-changing weather conditions, stress, and pollution in the air? A clearing face mask that contains a blend of salicylic acid and tea tree oil is the ultimate solution for oily or congested skin, and the added niacinamide works wonders on old acne scars or pigmentation too.  Try Dr. Jart+ Clearing Solution Ultra-Fine Microfiber Sheet Mask, $6 (Available from Sephora)

The Problem: My Skin Is So Dry That It’s Peeling

The Fix It: If you adore using Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost range, then you’re bound to love their new sheet masks too. Packed with hyaluronic acid (an ingredient that holds over 1000 times its weight in water), you’ll notice a smoother and brighter complexion immediately after use.  Try Neutrogena Hydro Boost Sheet Masks, $19.99 (box of 5)

The Problem: My Skin Looks Red And Inflamed, Like It’s On Fire

The Fix It: Yes, a derma-needling facial may be beneficial for your skin a week or two after the treatment, but it can be a hard hit to your confidence when you walk out looking redder than a ripe tomato. A peptide-rich face mask will immediately moisturise the skin’s surface and cool it down, reducing puffiness and redness almost immediately after putting it on. Try Société Clinical Skincare Rejuvenating Peptide Gel Mask, $130 (box of 5)

The Problem: My Eyes Look Tired, Like I’ve Been Awake For 3 Days Straight

The Fix It: So you’ve stayed up watching the entire season of House of Cards – but who can blame you? These eye masks from Elemis are smaller in size, which makes them ideal to pop on under the eye area. The key ingredients in this product are padina pavonica and chlorella, which give a skin-tightening effect, and can give dull eyes a much-needed boost. Try Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks, $124 (box of 6)

The Problem: My Skin Looks Dull And Lifeless

The Fix It: Upping your intake of vitamin C can help your skin look brighter than ever, but a face mask is a much more practical way to do so. These ones from Skin Republic can give you that lit-from-within glow, while toning down the appearance of freckles, age spots and imperfections. Try Skin Republic Brightening Mask, $7.99

Written by Iantha Yu

Iantha Yu is a journalist that specializes in writing and styling beauty, health and lifestyle content. She joins The Carousel as Beauty Editor after previously working at SHOP Til You Drop and Women’s Health magazine, and prior to that, edited her own beauty website.

She firmly believes that good skincare, a bright lippie, or good quality false eyelashes can change your life (or at least your mood for the day).

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