The Best Brows For Your Face Shape

Eleanor Pendleton

Beauty Writer

Mar 06, 2014

We might all lust after Cara Delevingne’s strong statement eyebrows, but the real trick to a great set of arches is finding the best shape for your own face and features. Here, we reveal the perfect brows just for you.

Square Face

Best Brows Face Shape Square

“A full, natural brow best compliments a square face,” says celebrity brow expert, Kristin Fisher. “Keep the arch quite subtle and not too high to avoid making the face look angular.” Fisher says a fuller brow will help balance out the rest of the face, narrowing the appearance of a wider jaw line much like Demi Moore and Keira Knightley.

Round Face

Best Brows Face Shape round

You only have to look to Lauren Conrad and Kirsten Dunst for beautiful brow inspiration. “An arched brow can give a round face more of an oval shaped appearance,” advises Fisher. “The peak of the arch will open the eyes therefore elongating the face.”

Long Face

Best Brows Face Shape long

Why the long face? Highly arched brows could be the reason. When it comes to longer face shapes, Fisher says, “Flat, straight brows for the win!” You can have a subtle arch in a flat brow; you just give it a very subtle “kick” towards the end.

Heart Face

Best Brows Face Shape heart

“Whatever your face shape, brows look best as natural as possible,” says Fisher. However, heart shaped faces like Scarlett Johannson and Ashley Greene can have a slightly rounded arch rather than sharp and angular. Fisher also recommends keeping as much brow length as possible.

Oval Face

Best Brows Face Shape oval

If you have an oval shaped face, you’re in luck. “It’s already balanced,” says Fisher. “[Oval faces] can wear almost any brow shape,” she says. For boldness, Fisher recommends tinting them.

Triangle Face

Best Brows Face Shape triangle

Triangular faces look the most flattering when softened. “You can do this by giving the brow an arch that is slightly rounded at its peak,” advises Fisher. “No sharp angles!!”


By Eleanor Pendleton

Beauty Writer

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