Smart Nail-Art: The Fastest Way To Statement Nails Without The Damage

Eleanor Pendleton

Beauty Writer

Mar 19, 2021

Nail art – it’s instant glam at the tips of your fingers. 

Smudge-proof and risk-free, nail foils are the go-to beauty product for Hollywood A-listers and international models alike.   

Nail art is a huge trend this season and we are seeing plenty of celebrities like Rihanna and Zoe Dechannel use nail art and we are also seeing different fashion designers showcase it on the runways.

Today we are going to show you how to create different looks that are a little more bold and others that are little more subdued and the best part is they don’t damage your nails!

To start off make sure your nails are filed to the shape you want. Today I’m creating a squaggle shape, which is half way through a square and a oval. Next you want your nail bed to be clean. So take a cotton pad, soaked in nail polish remover and wipe each nail down. Today I’m going for a pattern look with these Kit Cosmetic nail foils. To start line up your nail which nail fits in terms of width, peal it off the sheet and place it onto your finger nail. Smooth it down so you get rid of any bubbles. Using your hair dryer give your nail a blast of heat you don’t have to do this but it’s a great trick on helping add grip to your nail. And get some nail sissies and cut off the access. Smooth them down again and motion in a downwards direction filing off any of the foil that may be hanging, repeat on all of your nails.

nail art

So there you have it, nail art foils in just few minutes. They should last between 7-10 days and can easily be removed with nail polish remover.

Is this a trend you would try? 

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By Eleanor Pendleton

Beauty Writer

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