Slinky, Shiny (and Versace-Approved) Hair

Katrina Lawrence

Beauty Writer

Feb 20, 2014

Designer Donatella Versace’s infamous shade of platinum blonde might not be for everyone, but her signature style – long and lean, falling from a straight middle part – is a beauty classic.

There’s no other ‘do that can give your look such insta-polish, not to mention add overall glow. And that’s why it rears its lovely head so regularly on the runways – its halo effect makes everything else (your outfit, skin, eyes) look gorgeous and glossy too.

Slinky, shiny hair most recently made on appearance on Versace’s own summer 2014 couture catwalk. Backstage, stylist Guido Palau told WWD that the look is “just very simple, very Donatella, very true to the house.”


Inspired? Here’s how to get the look … bleach optional.

The Cut: For best, slinkiest effect, your hair should ideally fall below the collarbones. Ask your hairdresser to cut your ends blunt, to ensure a strong silhouette.

Wash: This look is all about squeaky-clean hair so hit the shower, with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner in hand. Use a wide-toothed comb to work the conditioner through lengths, to help gently remove any knots.

Prep: Don’t wring or rub hair as you towel-dry it – this will only cause frizz. Instead, blot until it’s no longer dripping-wet. Next, apply a blow-dry lotion throughout (Palau used Redken Satinwear 02), to protect hair from heat and to help create a smooth effect.

Section: To prepare for the final dry-off, separate hair into three tiers, clipping up the top two first. Work in sections of about 8-10 centimetres along each tier.

Blow-Dry: Take a paddle brush (Palau used a Mason Pearson) and turn your hairdryer onto medium-heat and high-speed. Always direct the nozzle downwards, to encourage the outer cuticle layer to remain flat – this will ensure a sleek finish.

Part: Before drying off the final sections, take a tail comb and create a centred partline.

Iron: To smooth out any kinks, give the outer layers a once-over with your irons. Palau first misted hair with Redken Iron Silk 07 Ultra Straightening Spray – this helps you achieve that super-stick-straight look.

Finish: To deal with any frizzies or flyaways, rub some hair oil into your palms (like Redken All Soft Argan-6 Oil) and lightly whisk hands over the surface of hair.



By Katrina Lawrence

Beauty Writer

Katrina Lawrence has specialized in beauty journalism for more than 20 years. After starting her career as the beauty and lifestyle editor of Cleo magazine, she then went on to help launch SHOP Til You Drop magazine, where she held he reins as deputy editor/beauty director for several years. Next came a freelance role, based in both New York and Sydney and writing for titles including madison, Harper’s BAZAAR, Cosmopolitan and Sunday Life and TheCarousel.com. Katrina is one of Australia’s most awarded beauty writers, having won over ten industry awards. She now lives in Paris, where she wrote the book Paris Dreaming.


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