How To Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite can strike no matter what age or weight you are. Despite being a combination of genetics, poor circulation, and lack of care, there are ways to get your skin back to being (as close to) super smooth again and reduce cellulite. We spoke to Noella Gabriel, Director of Product and Treatment Development of Elemis, about all things lumpy and bumpy.

“You can combat a dimpled appearance on skin by exfoliating with a body brush before taking a bath or shower, using upward movements,” says Gabriel.

Start at your feet and sweep the brush up the legs in long, light and brisk movements, always moving towards the heart. When going over your abdomen, brush in a circular clockwise motion, and on your arms, move the brush upwards towards the heart once again. The whole process shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.


Reduce Cellulite LaMav Coffee Bean Body Scrub“This will stimulate circulation and lymphatic flow helping to breakdown fat cells and as an added bonus, it will help shed dry skin cells. Amazingly people don’t realise this but body brushing will help you shed up to one pound of waste product from your skin every day.” Try Manicare  Bristle Brush, $14.99

Along with dry body brushing, you can use creams to firm up your body.

“Caffeine works as an instant toner as it smoothes the skin and dehydrates fat cells for a few hours so skin appears tighter,” says Gabriel. “Ultimately, caffeine is still a toxin and diuretic, so it alters the body’s fluid levels temporarily, making it a short term fix.”

Try La Mav Coffee Bean Body Scrub, $29.95

Reduce Cellulite with Modelco bondisands

Cellulite appears worse on untreated or dry skin that’s not taken care of.

“The appearance of cellulite is reduced on a well moisturised body,” says Gabriel. “More specifically, a moisturised and tanned body looks ten times better than dry skin with cellulite!”

Try ModelCo Natural Tan Self-Tan Lotion, $16; Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam Dark, from $13.95

Reduce Cellulite Elemis Bioelixia Body Shaper

Cellulite treatments for legs and body

Massage this citrus body oil into limbs to clear any build-up of toxins. Elemis Cellutox Active Body Oil, $69

After showering, work this cream into your skin to smooth out bumpy skin. BioElixia BodyShaper Cellulite Contour Creme, $59

Reduce Cellulite thalgo Defi Fermete bliss

Cellulite treatments for the belly

Use this twice daily to reduce deep fatty tissues in the abdomen area. Thalgo Defi Fermete Stomach and Waist Sculptor, $75.00

This liquid caffeine treatment helps to temporarily slim down the belly, while the cooling mint oil stimulates circulation in the body. Bliss Love Handler, $43.99

Reduce Cellulite clarins jergens skin firming

Firming creams for all over

Poppy extract helps to instantly firm and smooth the area once applied. Clarins Body Shaping Cream, $75 

This top-selling formula helps to improve skin elasticity, mimicking a firm tone. Jergens Skin Firming Toning Moisturiser, $7.99

What’s your best tip to beating cellulite? Tell us in the comments below…

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