What Type Of Sensitive Skin Do You Have?

Type Of Sensitive Skin Neutrogena

Here’s how to identify, treat and look after sensitive skin.

Did you know that everyone’s version of sensitive skin is entirely different? It can range from extreme dryness, to redness (hello rosacea), and even itchiness. So what type of sensitive skin do you have?

“Sensitive” skin tends to be a condition which, as an individual, is a part of their genetic makeup  and may be a long-term issue,” says Dr Katherine Armour of The Dermatology Institute Of Victoria. “Those with sensitive skin often experience stinging of their skin with the application of topical products such as moisturisers, sunscreen, and especially skincare containing active ingredients.”

To make things even more confusing, you can also have sensitised skin. “Sensitised skin shows similar changes in terms of stinging, redness, and sometimes dryness. However, sensitised skin tends to occur from application of skin products or exposure to environmental chemicals, so is an ‘acquired’ problem.”

Although you can’t cure sensitive skin or sensitised skin completely, you can treat it with products that calm irritations or prevent skin from flaring up.

Here’s how to deal with sensitive or sensitised skin:

Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser

Step 1: The number one irritant when it comes to sensitive skin is soap, so a soap-free cleanser is a must-have in your kit. This creamy formula also contains chamomile and geranium, which are excellent at calming the skin. Try Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser, $12.99

The Carousel - Avene Gentle Toner
Step 2: Using a toner is a great way to lightly moisturise the skin, especially right after cleansing. Go for this version by Avene, which hydrates dry to very dry skin types. Try Avene Gentle Toner, $33.95

Step 3: One thing that comes with ageing is slow collagen production, which is vital for healthy, radiant looking skin. Restore elasticity with a serum aimed to increase collagen production and hydrate within layers for firmer looking skin. Try Endota Spa Ceuticals Collagen Serum, $80

Clinique redness solutions cream
Step 4: The hero ingredients in this day cream are wheat germ, barley extract and linoleic acid, which work well to strengthen the skin’s barrier which is vital, when it’s vulnerable in extreme hot or cool temperatures, like the Summer sun and air-conditioning. Try Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream, $90

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Written by Bianca Spendlove

Bianca is a British actress who has always had an interest beauty, fashion and lifestyle, being surrounded by makeup artists most days inspired her to take note of the top tips and trends used in the industry. She loves to write in her own time and to document her travels.

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