Is The Sunscreen In Your Moisturiser Enough For Everyday Wear?

Heal your post-summer skin.

So you’re just popping to the office like any other day – do you really need to wear sunscreen? The answer is definitely yes… read on to find out why.

Sun exposure isn’t exclusive to those headed to the beach on the weekends – sun damage and stress on skin happens even when you’re going outside to get the bus, or when you’re walking to the office. You need to wear sunscreen every day!

Sunscreen Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Clear Face SPF30

For those of us who spend most of our days indoors, with perhaps a brief jaunt outside to grab a coffee, a moisturiser with SPF 30 or 50+ is more than adequate. If, however, you work next to a window, then a full sunscreen is more appropriate, as UVA penetrates straight through window glass and can contribute to significant ageing and skin cancer development. Try Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Clear Face SPF30, $16.99. Now you know why you often see more prominent ageing on the right-hand side of those who spend a lot of time driving.

But what about reapplying through the day – is it even necessary?

In an ideal world, we should all reapply sunscreen every two hours to maintain its full efficacy, but this isn’t practical for the average office worker, and particularly for women, who are likely to have applied make up over their sunscreen.

As long as sunscreen is applied at least 20 minutes prior to sun exposure, once daily should be adequate for those of us who spend most of our day working indoors.

Sunscreen Natio Lip Balm SPF50
And don’t forget your lips need protection too. Swap lip gloss for a nourishing lip balm containing aloe vera, vitamin E and SPF 50+ to keep smackers hydrated all day. It’s also water-resistant too, for up to four hours, so you won’t need to reapply until after lunchtime. Try Natio Moisturising Lip Balm SPF50+, $5.95

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Written by Bianca Spendlove

Bianca is a British actress who has always had an interest beauty, fashion and lifestyle, being surrounded by makeup artists most days inspired her to take note of the top tips and trends used in the industry. She loves to write in her own time and to document her travels.

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