How To Manage Your Hair In Different Climates

Yvette Le Grew

Lifestyle Writer

Sep 09, 2015

We sat down with hair guru, three-time hairdresser of the year and ELEVEN Australia co-Creative Director (and all-round great guy) Joey Scandizzo to get his tips for dealing with different hair types in different climates.

Warm weather

Joey says: It is important to keep your hair hydrated in the heat and use products that have UV filters to protect the hair and keep it healthy like ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment.

 Tips For Managing Hair In Different Climates

Cold Weather

Joey says: In cooler climates, it is good to do a treatment once a week as your hair can dry out going from artificial heat inside and then the wind and rain outside– the best treatment to nourish hair is ELEVEN Australia 3 Minute Repair  Treatment

 Tips For Managing Hair In Different Climates


Joey says: In the humidity you need to use moisturising products instead of trying to flatten out flyways with stiffening products like gels and heavy hairsprays. Products that are pliable but still repel moisture are the best like ELEVEN Australia Frizz Control Shaping Cream, you can put this on damp hair so hair has some control as it dries. Oil based serums are also great to put on dry hair to tame flyways and add shine to keep hair looking healthy like ELEVEN Australia’s Smooth & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum

Tips For Managing Hair In Different ClimatesTips For Managing Hair In Different Climates


By Yvette Le Grew

Lifestyle Writer

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